Write Your OWN Press Release

by Brighter Business Empower
Brighter Business Empower Inc.

One of the best ways for other's to learn about your GREAT ideas is to send a Press Release!!!  And now you can!  

Learn how to write your own press release!

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One of the most effective marketing tools you’ll ever use!  


Because it’s YOU representing YOU!  And who knows what you do better than you? A press release CAN be little or no cost… It all depends on you.  You CAN write and send out your release on your own OR you can hire a PR company to do it for you for hundreds even thousands off dollars.


You will learn the following:
  • WHAT a press release is for.
  • HOW to effectively write a release.
  • WHEN the best time to send a release is
  • WHO to send it to and,
  • HOW to generate your own contact list.

When I started my business I was completely unaware of what a Press Release was and just how powerful they can be for your business.  Sending out press releases for my business has enabled me to help raise funds for charity and bring my company out of the shadows.  I would recommend Christina to everyone.  She is professional and  knows what she’s doing!   Vanessa McWilliams – Confident Curls


  •  HOW to get your release noticed
  • WHICH ones get read and which ones end up in the recycle bin!

IN ADDITION You will walk away with  an understanding of Media Relations AND learn how to talk to the media. In the end you will be the one teaching your friends how to write a release and get noticed in the media.

You will know the difference between a paid advertisement and a media worthy news story.

Christina’s years of knowledge and wisdom was incredibly helpful when she worked with me on my Press Release. I have no writing ability and had no idea where to start so Christina’s guidance and wisdom was very much appreciated.  I highly recommend her service to anyone looking to do a press release.   Cindy Browning – Simply Savvy
You will be walked through the different outlets from newspaper, radio, television, online and the corporate world!
 I first met Christina of Brighter Business Empower when she came to our office to catch up with a friend of hers at our office. We were introduced and we started discussing marketing and branding for businesses, how important it is to get your name out there and represent your business online. She had a lot of great information but at that point in time we hadn’t dabbled in the media world very much. Over the next few months we started brainstorming ideas to get our business involved in the neighbourhood and preparing to dive into the world of PR campaigns and media releases. We came up with an idea, booked the event and called Christina. I am so glad we did! It was obvious from the first step that she has a lot of experience in this industry.  She provided us with everything we needed to make our event a success, including who to contact, what to say, and how to generate interest in our event. She even found ways to make our event even better!  In a few hours with Christina we had everything for our event, from start to finish, ready to be published to the media. Our event was three months ago, and I am still using advice and resources from BBE on a daily basis to promote our business. I highly recommend BBE’s services to anyone looking to promote their business through media outlets and wish to extend a personal Thank-You to Christina for her awesome skills and hard work. You rock! ~ Kaitlin Pillar

Host Bio:

Christina Radio Headshot Nick PhotosJoin Christina Rowsell, a veteran broadcaster and producer,  who has been on the airwaves for over 22 years!  She has appeared on television, on radio, writing for magazines and newspapers, and writing for a local popular blog, The Brighter Side.  From flying over a city to report traffic, co-hosting mornings, working in the promotions department, hosting locally produced TV, to producing and hosting a syndicated show across Canada, she will share her knowledge to help small business owners professionally write and promote their ideas to local media.  





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