Heart Shaped Cucumbers

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side
source: Doef's Greenhouses, Red Deer Advocate

While grocery shopping this weekend at Save On Foods I found these!!  HEART SHAPED CUCUMBERS!!  What a great way to brighten up your day!  And the kids love them too!

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So where do they come from?  Doef's Greenhouses located about 6 miles west and 3 ½ miles north of Lacombe, AB – on the south east side of Gull Lake

Joe Doef, from Doef's Greenhouses explains that they use a heart-shaped mould that is placed over the cucumber as it begins to grow. When sliced, the interior of the cucumber reveals a tiny, delicious heart shape!!  I LOVE THAT!!

This is perfect for Valentine's Day!  But they're not going to stop there!  In an article from the Red Deer Advocate Doef’s Greenhouses says that shaped cucumbers have been grown in places like England and the Netherlands. They're optimistic the idea will now catch on here.  In the article they suggest that they want to promote the Mini Heart cucumbers for Mother's Day or just for school lunches for kids!  I agree!  My son LOVED them in his lunch!!  He said to me,

"Mom, these heart shaped cucumbers taste better than the normal ones!"  

Doef's Greenhouses also suggests that they're going to experiment with other shapes like stars and bells for the Christmas season.

Mini Heart cucumbers are exclusively grown at the Doef Greenhouses in Lacombe, AB and are part of a line of produce called the Picky Gardener by Sunfresh Farms, which supplies major grocery stores in western Canada.  Find out more HERE.

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