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by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

We all know that helping our communities, arts and social causes is the right thing to do.  But fundraising for those causes near and dear to your heart is not an easy task.  But what if someone gave you a "LegUp" and helped you through the process?  Thanks to the LegUp.ca team, crowdfunding for Canadians just got easier!  
Founder Michelle Young commented that “crowdfunding for projects both big and small is an ideal solution for groups that really don’t have or desire to build or own the infrastructure needed to make this a sustainable and easy to launch way to launch new fundraising efforts.”

With LegUp.ca, donors are able to quickly contribute to these campaigns and causes that really do matter most.  Your special project can receive funding within days.  A new project can be posted within minutes and live the very same day.

Young goes on to explain that "Early examples of groups taking advantage of the LegUp.ca platform include a grassroots pond hockey rink for a community or a project offering support for the kids hurt in a recent school bus crash north of Calgary.  The demand is growing and we are excited to fill the void.”

Groups using the platform cover any credit card processing fees and pay a very small percentage of what is collected to support the growth and development of the platform.  Donors are not subject to any fees of any kind.

LegUp.ca wants to work with you and support WHAT MATTERS MOST!  Crowdfunding is an alternative means of funding that allows individuals and causes to take their ideas forward and make them a reality with the power of the crowd and change the world around them.

Everyone has a great idea for a fundraising campaign and at LegUp.ca they want to make as many ideas as possible succeed.  Whether you are a school, need funds for a social enterprise, are a charity, or are just an individual with a fantastic idea then they can help you raise the funds needed for your project. 

They strive to provide their campaign owners with the best tools to help them reach their crowdfunding targets and no project is too big or small. Join the LegUp.ca revolution today!

Here are some current fundraising project with LegUp.ca

1.) Students at Chestermere Lake Middle School are teaming up with the ‘Me to We’ initiative to try to raise $10 000 this year.  This money will go towards the ‘Free the Children’ campaign, which will help build schools and classrooms in areas of the world where education is most needed.  If we can raise ten thousand dollars, we can build a whole school through our donation! Details HERE.


2.) Children’s Birthday Miracles, CBM, is a nonprofit organization founded in January 2013. The organization was started by a philanthropic 16-year-old Calgarian, Sheliza Kassam. Sheliza’s vision was to create an initiative that provided less fortunate children with the opportunity to celebrate their own birthday party. They now successfully throw birthday parties that are celebrated monthly at Inn from the Cold in Calgary, a local family homeless shelter. CBM went international in June where they hosted their first birthday party in the Mother Teresa Home, an orphanage located in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.  Details HERE.

3.) Based on personal experiences, and the stories that we've heard while working with many courageous women who have experienced domestic violence, I have decided to create an App that will provide women access to a wealth of information, enable them to effectively plot themselves on the cycle of abuse over time, gain insight to their unique situation while appreciating that they are not alone, replace victim self-blame with self-compassion, empower women to start taking action to protect themselves, and ultimately provide women with the resources to break the cycle of abuse. Our App empowers women experiencing an abusive relationship to defend their safety by providing the information and tools that foster insight into the impact of abuse, nurture self-compassion, and connect them to a community of resources.  Details HERE.

The Brighter Side LOVES this idea! Full of Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People! For more information visit LegUp.ca.

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