Swamp Party Amazing Cake and so much more!

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

Swamp Party!
Not sure when I thought having a themed birthday party for my children was a good idea... oh right, when I saw their faces when the set up was all done.  I think putting in the effort to create this beautiful memory is important.  And no, you don't have to break the bank, but you do have to put in time.  This isn't for anyone who wants to "whip" something up for the next day.

My son is turning 4.  I asked him what kind of a party he wanted.  His reply, "an alligator birthday party!"  Sounded simple enough... as long as I gave myself at least a month to plan it.  So what's the first thing I do... I "Googled" Alligator Birthday Party.  The first thing that popped up was "Swamp Party".  So that's where it all began!

First the cake.  I put it out there on Facebook if any of my friends knew someone who could do a Swamp Cake.  I was flooded with resources of people who design cakes.  Now the hard task of going through all the names of talented cake artists.  I couldn't believe how competitive the cake industry was.  So many cakes to choose from.  But one really stood out for me.  Sugar By Tracy.  A mom of two adorable children who bakes out of her home.  Tracy's cakes blew me away.  So I put her up to the task!  She was game and came up with this!

© Sugar By Tracy
What!  Wow!  So many compliments on this cake from family and friends.  And for under $100!  She's located in Penhold Alberta, but makes regular trips to Calgary.  Tracy, you certainly have a gift!  What a GREAT IDEA from an AMAZING PERSON!  Keep up the good work Tracy.  You know how to bring a smile to a 4 year old!  Young and old, you have a gift for making the world smile through your talents!  Find out more about Tracy and Sugar By Tracy here, and LIKE her Facebook Page.

Hilary's Hobbies Magnets
Now the rest of my theme.  I went to www.123rf.com to find the right alligator.  My son and I looked through the pictures and he came up with this one.  I knew we wanted to do something special with this picture, that's when we found Hilary's Hobbies.  She's a stay at home mom just trying to make some money doing what she loves.  She specializes in wooden wall letters, growth charts, signs, hair clippy boards and holders and these goodie bag magnets!

Thank you Hilary.  Find out more by LIKING Hilary's Hobbies Facebook Page.
Customized Chocolate M&M's®
Then on Google I noticed a lot of parties had a candy bar.  LOVE that idea.  So I went out looking for Swamp Theme candies.  Again, on Google I found Customized Chocolate M&M's®.  This was the most expensive part of the party.  But worth it!  So very cool!  My son was so excited to see his face on the M&M®.  It even arrived in a chilled M&M® bag!  Once in a life time opportunity to have his own personalized candy!  But I made up for the cost of the candy through the candy jars.  I picked these ones up for $.74 each from SuperStore.

Swamp Candy Jar
And the final step was the decor.  Fortunately for me I have Adobe InDesign.  So I was able to create my own labels.  There are lots of graphic designers that you can hire to help you out with this.  But make sure you know what you need and how much.  I did a birthday banner, candy jar labels, candy bar labels, stickers for the table, Swamp Game label and goodie bag labels.  The graphic designer that I recommend is Jaime Wedholm Graphic Design.  Go to  www.jaimewedholm.ca and LIKE her page on Facebook.
Swamp Candy Bar
Pin the Alligator in the nest!

She's also exceptionally talented.  Not only can she help you with your birthday theme, but she's can help you with logo design, packaging, promotional materials, trade show booth elements, advertising and now magazine design.  (I'm currently working with Jaime on the Brighter Business Empower Magazine.  She's a dedicated worker, a passionate artist and an amazing designer.)

Then pick one game.  As my house was full of 4-8 year olds, they only had the attention span for one game.  And my 6 year old actually came up with this one, Pin The Alligator In The Nest.  The grass (nest) came from the dollar store along with the board to put it on.  

A little time and effort on your part and you'll have a GREAT themed birthday party.  I also want to thank GOOGLE for allowing me to have ideas at my fingertips!

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  1. Thank you soooo much for adding me in here!!!! I loved doing the Bottle cap magnets for your sons birthday party! Very nice to meet you christina!!!!!! Thanks again