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©Hanna Rose - Author "The Loving Tree"
How many kids around the world feel like they’re not smart enough, or funny enough, or good enough? It’s a problem every kid faces at one time or another, but where can they go when they feel like they’re all alone?  (I know I can certainly relate to this when I was a child!!)

Eight-year-old Hannah Rose has the answer. Hannah wanted to share an inspiring message of hope to kids just like her, and she created a story of self-esteem and friendship.

The Loving Tree is Hannah’s first book, and it’s a story of a young orphan girl in the care of a grumpy old man. The girl is eager for a real friend, but doesn’t believe that anybody will ever like her. Then one day she meets a magical Loving Tree, and begins to learn the true meaning of friendship and love.

The Loving Tree helps to show kids that loneliness won’t stick around forever, and how to believe in themselves. It’s great for parents and kids to read and discuss together.  (I really could have used this book when I was a little girl.  Amazing that this little girl is show the rest of us that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel)

Hannah Rose will be holding book signings and doing interviews this fall, perfect for the whole family. Join Hannah in helping kids everywhere to understand they’re all unique, and all worthy of love.

Hannah would be happy to pay a visit to read The Loving Tree to your school or organization.

©Hanna Rose - Author "The Loving Tree"
Date: Sunday December 22, 2013 
Location: Good Earth Coffee House and Bakery 
Address: 332 Aspen Glen Landing SW
 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

You can get Hannah's books at
Fallen Angel
827 - 17 Avenue SW

Here's Hannah at her book signing at Chapters in Chinook Centre.  
© Hannah Rose - Author
Remember that song from Whitney Houston "I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let the lead the way."  Hannah Rose you are a remarkable young lady!  I can't wait to read more books from you!  

Visit Hannah online at http://www.seanliv.com/_/Hannah_Rose.html

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  1. YAY Hanna, I am so proud of your accomplishment, and I loved your book! Congratulations Hanna.