Never underestimate the smallest acts of kindness.

“Never underestimate the smallest acts of kindness.”

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While grocery shopping on the Friday prior to the long weekend, I had numerous items to pick up.  As I queued up in the line, a young mom came behind me with her young daughter in a stroller and a small basket of groceries.  

I said to her, “Please feel free to go ahead of me.  I have a lot of groceries and you only have a few.” 

Her response was, “No I am fine, but thanks anyways.”

I said, “Well with your little one, I thought you might like to goahead, but she seems quite content and in good spirits.”  

At that moment, the little baby girl beamed a huge smile.  The mom said, “Well she is normally quite good.”

I replied, “Well, when she isn’t, it is just to make you realize how good she is when she is happy!”

The mom smiled.  

As my groceries were being checked out, I continued to chat with the baby girl and get lots of smiles back in return.  As I checked out, I smiled back at the mom and said “Have a wonderful long weekend.”  

She replied, “You too.”

Now, here is where the story really starts.  I unpacked the groceries into the trunk of my car and went to return my shopping cart.  That same mother went by me, stopped and said,“Thank you for being so nice.  I was having a bit of a tough day, and you just changed it.”

I looked at her and smiled and said, Thank you so much for sharing.  Now you have just made my day.  Can I please give you a hug?”  

She agreed.  We hugged, and I said “Enjoy the rest of the day.”  

She said, “I will.”

As I turned, I noticed that a man had watched and heard our encounter and conversation and had a huge smile on his face.  What a ripple effect from such a very simple thing.

I immediately thought of The Brighter Side Blog and the wonderful stories that this blog had shared "Everyone has a story so pay attention".

I am so full of gratitude right now for the little things, for they are truly what make a difference.  Thank you The Brighter Side for sharing Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People.  

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  1. Love what you do. ;) Keep on shining your light on the good that happens out there. ;)