50 Years of Living

Inspired by Wanda Love

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It wasn't that long ago I had the chance to work with Wanda Love while working at "Christina At Night" for Corus Entertainment.  At that time Wanda was working at Sante Spa.  Her life in the world of spas started after years of working in broadcast media.  Once she broke free of that, she discovered an exiting, fulfilling world in the spa industry.  She eventually became CEO of Canada's national spa industry association, Leading Spas of Canada.  And now... she lives in Moscow, writing spa articles and conducting spa reviews for a number of publications and web portals.  You can follow her here.

Wanda recently posted "50 Random Thoughts & Things I've Learned As I Turn 50".  Here are a few of my favorites: 

 Letting go is tough. But hanging on may be even more difficult.

 Take pictures. Doesn’t matter if they’re crappy. They’ll still remind you of something wonderful.

Wearing beautiful shoes can instantly elevate your mood.

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Hearing the words “I love you” from anyone is pretty great. But from a little kid, it brings me to tears every time. They are just so genuine.

A good book and a glass of wine can offer a great escape.  

(Wanda, can I throw in a GREAT BLOG The Brighter Side!?)

Wanda I LOVE your random thoughts!  You can read the full 50 HERE!  Here's to "People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime!"  Follow Wanda on Twitter! And subscribe to her Blog!

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