Everybody Needs A Hero

Everybody Needs A Hero
by Lee Horbachewski ~ Simplee Serene

Southern Alberta was hit hard during a recent flood.  Everyone is doing what they can to help rebuild their own communities.  Here's one story of how one woman is devoting her time, love and energy to give back! 

"They have been devastatingly hit by the flooding as well!"

All it took was a simple exchange for firefighter Shawn Wiebe, to win the hearts of a nation with his BIG heart and BIG smile.  In an article written by the High River times they stated “That ear-to-ear grin was caused by one statement provided by the lady whom he was carrying; ‘I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding day’, she said.

Shawn has a a sister-in-law with an equally BIG heart and BIG smile…Find our why here!  And how you can help out too!

 Bobby Jo Wiebe has been devoting her time, love and energy by giving back to the area  she grew up in.

Not only is Bobby Jo and her young family doing the grunt work, she has also been running an auction on her facebook page to raise funds. Last week her online auction raised $790.00

Find out how you can help raise much needed funds here and like their facebook page!

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