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The Brighter Side is all about Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People.  We have found a company that is all three.  Good News, an eco-friendly company!  Great Idea, where they deliver the eco-friendly moving supplies AND pick them up from their customer's new home after the move is complete!  Less stress and less work for YOU!  And to us, that equals AMAZING PEOPLE!  So we've invited FROGBOX to be a part of our mission on The Brighter Side!  

According to the Canadian Association of Movers over 5 million Canadians make a move each year. Typically we see an increase of families moving within the summer months after their children wrap up their school year. Purchasing a new home can be exciting but it’s also important to stay focused by creating a plan of action ahead of time. Being organized will allow the transition for you and your family to be as stress-free as possible.

I like to call it, “Moving Madness” syndrome, where the individual is not prepared for their upcoming move. They typically think they have all this time to prepare and before they know it - moving day is this upcoming weekend and the boxes are yet to be filled with their belongings.

To stop “Moving Madness” syndrome from developing I recommend the following five tips to make the transition easier:
  1. Prepare – The earlier you start the better it is in the long run. Start by sorting your belongings well in advance. Put aside items you would like to keep, then segregate the rest into your haven’t used in a long time, lost their meaning and no longer needed pile.
  2. Reduce – From the various piles your belongings have been segregated into look into having a yard sale or posting items up on sites such as Kijiji to make a couple of bucks for the items you no longer need. 
  3. Get Packing – Start by packing the non-essential items you do not utilize on a day to day basis.  We recommend starting in the attic then working your way through your storage and garage areas. Following this room by room process   will make packing up your kitchen a breeze. 
  4. New Address Notifications – It’s important that your mail trails you to your new home after the move. Canada post does have a mail forwarding program which can be arranged at any post office or online before the transition. Make a list of all the important organizations & businesses that need to be advised of your upcoming move – many companies require a minimum of thirty day notices.      
  5. Important Documents, Contacts & Medication – Your families’ most important    documents such as passports along with important medications should all be kept in one secure location that can be effortlessly tracked prior, during and after the move.    

And most importantly, stay positive. Yes, moving can be a hassle but we promise – there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Look forward to the new space you and your family will get to utilize and share memories within.

Happy Moving!!

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