Making a Difference

by Tameeza Mitha

There is always something great going on in the city, and what I really love to write about specifically is those fundraisers and people who really strive to make a difference whether its local or international. This past week a few causes really tugged at my heart and I wanted to share them, not only to bring awareness to the events here in the city but also to share the success of all the hard work that goes into these fundraisers.

On April 7th, MPact, a team of many individuals including Connie Jakab, Brenda HouseInn From the ColdThe Mustard SeedThe Drop In CentreNeighbourlinkHighbanksSonshine CentreServants Anonymous and Wild Garden came together combining a wonderful evening of arts and culture as well as awareness towards the vulnerable situations many women face such as domestic violence, trafficking, eating disorders and addictions.

Not only did this fundraiser shed light to these situations but also raised funds which will be going towards “Invisible” at Theatre Grand on June 14th and 15th.

Invisible, a dance show portrays the struggles of women who feel invisible, vulnerable and shamed because of the situations they have faced. In turn, the funds raised by Invisible will be donated to Wildgarden, a grassroots organization in Calgary helping women and children in domestic violence issues as well as pregnant women in need.

I had an opportunity to talk to Connie about Invisible and the success of the fundraiser on April 7th. With the support of Calgarians, even on a cold and wintery day, the group was able to raise $4000. Not only was there a great turn out, but the entertainment showcased what Calgary has to offer in regards to the hip hop talent. In her words, “the cause inspired, the night exceeded my and my teams expectations”.  The group has raised almost 40% of the shows budget, which is $30,000 and still wants to raise over $10,000 for the cause. Congratulations to the Mpact team!  

Another event that is just around the corner is a silent auction for Craniofacial Australia which will take place on April 13th . The auction held by Greg Rowe was inspired by a family friend of his, Jessica, who has been living with Antley Bixler, a rare birth deformity which requires her to have 24 hour care. Jessica is unable to walk, talk or feed herself because of this deformity. His hope is to raise awareness to these unfamiliar disorders as well as donate a goal of $10,000 to support both research and medication for this rare disease.

To support Greg’s fundraiser, check out Shillelaghs Pub this Saturday at 6:30PM. Tickets are only $20, which includes a free drink, appetizers as well as door prizes.  There are many awesome items to purchase from the silent auction and all proceeds will be going towards Craniofacial Australia.
For more information on Invisible, contact Connie Jakab at info@mpactdance.com or visit http://invisibleshow.com

For more information on the Craniofacial Australia fundraiser, contact Greg Rowe at gregrowe18@me.com(403)-926-8834 or visit http://www.craniofacial.com.au. You can also donate online to Greg’s Fundraiser at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/greg-rowe.

Tameeza Mitha

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