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“Chicago” – Stage West Calgary
Instead of ordering take out and spending the night on your couch, a better  way to unwind after a long work week is to go to Stage West!  And after watching their latest production of “Chicago”, my husband and I agreed, it was their best one yet!  They always put on a great show, but this one was like we had a night out on Broadway!  Plus a delicious meal to start it off!  No cooking for me!  And no clean up!

Stage West Calgary "Chicago"
“Chicago” is one of the longest running musicals on Broadway.  And now, thanks to Stage West, you too can enjoy it!  Loosely based on a murder case in the 1920’s that grabbed the attention of the media, it is a satirical look at the way society turns criminals into celebrities.  Those criminals are Velma Kelly (played by Andrea Wingelaar) and Roxie Hart (played by Marisa McIntyre) who stand accused of murdering their respective lovers.  

Both lead characters are outstanding.  Great stage performance with their powerful voices and exceptional dances.  From beginning to end I loved it!  Billy Flynn played by Matt Cassidy was just as I expected him to be, handsome and evil at the same time.  Amos, played by Ed Sahely got the “awe’s” from the audience.  You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

All in all, it really was a GREAT night out.  If you pick at least one performance to watch, it’s this one!  Well done to all the cast, band, production and crew of "Chicago" – Stage West Calgary!  

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