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by Sheri Bruneau ~ Brighter Business Empower
Brighter Business Empower had the distinct pleasure to have Dawn O’Connor with Think Productive Canada present ‘Think Productive, Be Productive’.
It was at this session that Dawn shared some practical tips and techniques that members and guests could walk away with at the end of the session and start applying right away.  Although we will not cover all of her tips, we would like to share some tips on managing email.


As Dawn mentioned in her seminar, “It is not your job to sit and process email all day long”.  Email is just a tool to have conversations.
Go into your day intentionally with a plan!  Instead of being reactive, be proactive with email.  What does that mean? It means you are in control of how you manage your email and your habits.
  1. Bells and Alerts – By turning off your bells and alerts, you will be saving 6 minutes per day.  That equates to 3 days a year.  Be honest and ask yourself: how distracting is the ping and/or the alert that comes up on your screen, etc?  Is it really necessary to have a bell or an alert go off every time you receive a new email?  Most likely, the answer is no.
  2. Emergency Stop – schedule in a time when you check and address email throughout the day.  This needs to work in conjunction with your work-flow and your work environment.  By doing this you are controlling whenyou are available.  This allows others to know you are not available 24/7 and allows you to be proactive and not reactive with your responses.
  3. Disconnect – Many entrepreneurs have a difficult time disconnecting.  Ask yourself: Can you disconnect while on vacation, the weekend, etc?  By not disconnecting, are you allowing yourself to fully recharge?  This is one habit that I personally find difficulty to follow through with.  It also is one habit that I am going to try and implement (starting with disconnecting on Sunday’s).  I’ll let you know how it goes!
  4. Two Minute Rule – The Two Minute Rule is a rule that comes from David Allen and Getting Things Done and is quite simple.  If something comes into your inbox that you can process or act on it, then just do it right then and there.  By doing so, it can save you a couple an hours per day.
Although these are just a few tips Dawn shared in her session, these tips can be easily implemented with you and your business.  As Dawn’s twelve year old son stated,
“Plan, don’t be random.”  George O’Connor
It truly will make a difference!
Written by: Sheri Bruneau – Brighter Business Empower
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