Valentine’s Day: What You Think is the Best Romantic Movie

by Russel Lolacher of Good Film Hunting

Feel it in the air? The weather is slowly changing from white to rain (or the other way around for some other hemispheres), the days are getting longer and…and…the special someone in your life is expecting a little “something, something” as a demonstration of your love. Yep, it be Valentine’s Day. And nothing helps the heart get in the mood, like a good romantic movie. With the help of Calgary’sLite 95.9 and radio host ChristinaRowsell (also the mind behind The Brighter Side), we asked you on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, what the best…THE BEST romantic movie was.

Many people missed “the best movie” means only one movie, but it’s hard to fault anyone sharing their passion and love of good movies, especially on Valentine’s. So, I went through the 65+ responses from you and found some interesting results. 

-          Two are known more for violence than romance

-          One involved a hooker

-          Five Disney animated movies

-          Actors by the numbers:

o       Tom Hanks: 2
o       Julia Roberts: 2
o       Marisa Tomei: 2
o       Robert Downey Jr.: 2
o       Meg Ryan: 3
o       Rachel McAdams: 4
o       Hugh Grant: 5
o       Christian Slater: 2
o       Cyborg: 1
-          Eight were released before 1980

-          Two in other languages (not English)

-          Ten involved science fiction/fantasy

-          One involved a baboon heart

-          Six I’d never heard of before. Thank you for that.

  So what were THE BEST romantic movies according to you? 

Honourable Mentions:
The Princess Bride (4 Votes)
Sleepless in Seattle (5 Votes)
You’ve Got Mail (6 Vote)
Pride and Prejudice (4 Votes)

2nd Runner-Up: When Harry Met Sally (7 Votes)
A movie that tries to answer the question, “Can two friends sleep together and not have it affect the relationship?” It’s pretty fun watching Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan try to figure that out.

1st Runner-Up: Love Actually (8 Votes)
A buffet of British love stories interwoven, covering young love, dumb love, long lost love, unrequited love, old love, new love, unexpected love, missed love and deserved love. It covers a few bases.

and the winner of THE BEST romantic movie is…
The Notebook (9 Votes)
Two Canadians, in love in real life (at the time anyway), show off their unbelievable chemistry in what many have called a modern romantic classic. I don’t know who the “many” are but a lot of people really seem to like this movie, you included.

So what kind of list did you make with your romantic suggestions? Below is what you shared:

Only You
As Good As It Gets
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
The Girl on the Bridge
In the Mood for Love
Random Harvest
The Apartment
Music and Lyrics
The Cranes are Flying
I’m A Cyborg, but That’s OK
Silver Linings Playbook
When Harry Met Sally
Love Actually
Sleepless in Seattle
Philadelphia Story
Sixteen Candles
Bridges of Madison County
Notting Hill
Benny and Joon
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Princess Bride
True Romance
Die Hard
P.S. I love you
Shakespeare in Love
Beauty and the Beast
The Way We Were
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Crazy Stupid Love
You’ve Got Mail
Love Story
Life as We Know It
Untamed Heart
Bridget Jones
Bridget Jones The Sequel
Made in Heaven
Pride and Prejudice
Forever Young
Time Traveller’s Wife
Pure Country
When a Man Loves a Woman
Say Anything
From Here to Eternity
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
The Vow
North and South
Morning Glory
Wedding Date
27 Dresses
Made in Manhatten
50 First Dates
Heart and Souls
Cairo Time
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Pretty Woman
It’s My Party
Super Size Me
Dirty Dancing
Dear Frankie
Wall E

What did we miss?
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Happy Date Night!

Image credit: lina0486 / 123RF Stock Photo

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