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Brighter Business Empower Inc.
Series of Seminars
A great way to move your business forward is to have some key elements in your back pocket. Meet Brighter Business Empower. It's a series of seminars to "Empower Individuals To Succeed In Business".  Whether you're a small business starting up, or a company that's been running for years, this is an opportunity for you to take your business and move it to the next level.

Brighter Business Empower Inc.
Series of Seminars
All of their seminars are for Men AND Women.  Brighter Business Empower provides live seminars as well as all the content to get you an your business on a path to success.  Topics include marketing, social media, branding and other "hot" relevant topics.  To get the word out, means results, and they'll provide the experts to show you how to achieve this.  It's for anyone who needs the tools to further their companies.  But if you're life is just too hectic, or don't live in Calgary and you just can't make it to the seminars, Brighter Business Empower offers a Virtual Membership so you can have the same learning opportunities as any other member.  As a member, Virtual, Basic, Standard or Platinum, you have the opportunity to just listen and walk away knowing you've learned at least 3 things that you can apply to your own company.  All the information from each seminar will be uploaded to their "Members Only" section including the guest speaker presentation, all the notes and handouts.  So you don't need to worry about taking notes, they do it for you!  Plus if you can attend the seminar there's networking opportunities with some fabulous companies and individuals.

Brighter Business Empower
Series of Seminars
And if you missed the monthly seminar, they've got you covered with the Brighter Business Empower BlogTalkRadio show.  Each monthly guest speaker will guest on their Internet radio show with host Phoenix to discuss the topic, this an opportunity to call in live via toll-free line to ask the speaker your own personal question.  Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Brighter-Business to learn more.

Billie Jo Ross emcee Lite 95.9

If you want Brighter Business Empower to showcase YOUR company, they will with the Brighter Business Empower BlogTalkRadio - Marketing U. You can hire the BBE team to host your own show. Just like Smart Betty did!
Listen to internet radio with Brighter Business Empower on Blog Talk Radio

FINALLY a series of seminars and a company where you will REALLY learn something that you can apply to your own company.

 The upcoming seminars for 2013 are as follows*;

January - Life Coach Elizabeth Critchley with Impact Coaching - RSVP HERE
February - Shannon Bowen-Smed from Bowen Workforce Solutions "Keys to Success" - RSVP HERE
March - Productivity Specialist Dawn O'Connor with Work In Order.  
April - Creating a Strategic Communications Plan with Dominic Terry from 660 News
May- 'Messy Fear in Business' with Gemma Stone (Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Guide)
June - Connecting with your clients with Erin Kelly
July - No seminars - Enjoy the summer off
August- Getting Back At It
September - Creating a Remarkable Brand One Customer At A Time with Marc Binkley
*Seminars are subject to change without notice*

For more information, visit Brighter Business Empower online, Like them on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and listen on BlogTalkRadio.

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