by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

In the world of being single, it's not always easy to find love "online".  That seems to bee the norm in today's world.  But what ever happened to meeting face to face?  What ever happened to being introduced to your friends best friend who's a guy?  Guess what... that still exists.

It's called KarMingle.  If online dating, meet-ups, and other events didn't help you meet "The One" last year or the year before, then this is for you.  It's an opportunity for you to meet Mr. Right in 2013.

KarMingle is "The Good Karma Alternative to Online Dating."  Tag Goulet and Colette Kenney are the co-founders of KarMingle.  With these ladies taking the reins it will be an amazing and engaging way to meet Good Quality men!  These two ladies created KarMingle because they themselves experienced all the downfalls that are typical of online dating and singles events.  With KarMingle they have addressed common issues such as:

  • Not feeling a "spark" with guys you meet online
  • Finding the men you meet online aren't "as advertised"
  • No time to sit through dozens of dull coffee dates
  • Feeling invisible after reaching a milestone birthday like 35, 40, or 50
If you've ever experienced any of the above, and you want a much more fun, easy and no-pressure way to meet great, straight, available single men, then it's time to visit KarMingle.

This we do know... there ARE GREAT GUYS out there.... it's just a matter of finding the right one.  In Canada, according to the latest census, there are more than 4 million singles from age 30 to 59, and over 49% of those singles are men. In the U.S., there are over 37 million singles from age 30 to 54, and almost 50% (49.8% to be exact) are men.

And you probably know some of those men, but they're not the "right" one for you.  So these are the great men.... for another woman.  And that's what happens at KarMingle... only woman can register for the event, but each woman who attends brings with her a great, straight, available, single guy that she's not romantically involved with.  Women are encouraged to bring a single guy (brother, cousin, co-worker, or friend who you think is wonderful, fabulous or amazing!  And in return, you get to meet dozes of other great, straight, available single men who dozens of other women attending think are wonderful, fabulous, or amazing.  Each event will be list of fun!!  

So... here's your calling ladies.  Are you single?  And do you know a great guy... who would be great for someone else?  Contact KarMingle, and believe in good karma!  Visit KarMingle to learn more!  And here's to you finding love in 2013!

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