Inspiration through Oprah

Thank you Oprah for being your true, authentic self.  You’ve made my heart sing today.

Seeing Oprah speak was a once in a lifetime experience.  In fact, I can now check that off of my “Bucket List”.  Dressed in a teal gown, high heels (to show us how special we are to her) and a white cowboy hat to show her support for Calgarians!  Her humor shone while keeping real about her own life, her relationship with Stedman and their squabbles to her day to day challenges… like cooking.  She reminded us that cooking is only something she does if she HAS to!  She made me laugh out loud, asking the audience “How do you do that all the time?  You get up to make blueberry pancakes, then clean up only to have to make lunch a short time later.  And by the time you finish cleaning up from that they’re asking 45min later ‘what’s for dinner?”

Oprah has always listened to her own “whispers” and inner self from a very early age.  From her younger years of reading to her congregation in church to getting her first TV job at 16.  But she also walked us through her own trials and tribulations of life.  From being molested, getting pregnant and then losing the baby boy.  She grew up in a family that encouraged her to read.  And to Oprah, “Education is an open door to freedom.”  From the start she was authentic.  She talked as though she was talking directly to each person, individually.  It felt as though she was talking to just you.  And through my own experience on the radio, that’s the key to keeping your audience.  Having that one on one relationship with your audience makes them think you’re talking to just one person.  It makes you feel as though she really does care who you are, and what you get out the conversation.

“I am a whisper on the breath of God” she said.  Referring to the bible passage Acts 17:28, “For in him we live and move and have our being.”  Although she reiterated that she wasn’t here to preach about Religion, she expressed her thoughts that whatever our religion, whatever our faiths, it’s all towards one higher power.  In my own thoughts I believe to “Let go and let God or the Universe or to whatever you believe in”.  Oprah expressed that “You are a wave in the ocean”, sometimes “you are just a cup of water that came from the ocean” a metaphor to how great your potential is (that day). 

Oprah reminded us that she is here to honor the power within her.  Her hope was that you become closer to manifesting your own purpose.  “Purpose is Spirit seeking expression.”  And that you listen to your own “whispers” (intuition) as to what is going on around you.  Pay attention to how you feel in your heart and gut about the situations you are in.  Only do what you intend!  Intention – Cause – Effect.  Your greatest ability is through love.  Love, Grace, Kindness, Forgiveness, Understanding, Respect, Co-Operation.  But how do you find your way to your purpose?  Oprah asks, “What is your thread?”  Go back to the core and follow your thread.  From where you came from, to how you lived, to the choices you made and the choices you manifested.  You were born with your purpose.  Share your purpose.  Use your life in service of others.  When she talked about life experiences, it took me back to when I was 13.  I have them written in a journal saying, “It’s my life and I’m the only one that has to live it, so why not live my life through love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness.  It’s my own life experiences that will guide me to be the person I am today.”  Oprah just reminded me what I already knew, that through my own core and tracing back my own threads, that I am where I am today because of my life purpose.  And at the age of 13 I wrote out my own “whisper”.  In my journal I manifested the life I was meant to live.  Little did I know I knew so much at such a young age, just like Oprah did reading to her church at the age of 3.  So if you are struggling to find your life purpose, go back through the threads of your own life experiences and take it back to your core.  Start with today, the job you had 5 years ago, the relationships you had with your spouse, family and friends.  Keep going back to your high school years and who you were and how you felt, take it back to the tween years and how you acted.  Did you crave attention, did you love doing science, were you a book worm, did you love sports, theatre, cars, the outdoors?  If you can, take it back even further.  What kind of a family did you have?  How did you feel?  Those are all the treads you took to find out your life purpose.  You were born with your purpose and now share your purpose. 

Oprah then asked rhetorical, “do your eyes light up when I entered the room?  Does the presence in me speak to the presence in you?”  Reminding us that we are spiritual beings having human experiences.  “You become what you believe.”  If you believe you are great, chances are you will be.  If you believe you’ll fail, chances are you will.  Become what you believe, and truly believe YES YOU CAN!  From that I wrote out the 4 things I believe in my own life:

1.)    I believe I can show my children the good in this world.
2.)    I believe I can help others see that they have great gifts to give this world.
3.)    I believe I can help others see and feel the brighter side.
4.)    I believe I can empower people to succeed in business

After writing my beliefs, I had my Oprah “Ah ha” moment.  These 4 things are all the things I am. 

1.)    I’m a mother to my two beautiful children
2.)    I’m a radio announcer who encourages people to be GREAT
3.)    I’m a blogger that wants to share Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People with The Brighter SideBlog
4.)    I’m a business owner with Brighter Business Empower Inc – with a core value that we will “Empower Individuals to Succeed In Business”

Whatever follows “I AM” will come looking for you.  Everything you do is already done to you!  And that’s when Oprah expressed the importance of intention.  Only do what you intend.  Explaining it’s the scientific theory of cause and effect.  Intention = Cause = Effect. 

Oprah then went on to talk about some of the challenges she faces.  Being in the public eye means that everything you do is on the news, in the media and up for exposure.  She talked about how to cope with her own challenges and how she moves past them.  She owns up to the responsibility of the downward spiral her OWN network took.  And for a short while the “talk” in the media ate at her.  So how do you turn it around?  You pick yourself up.  She took responsibility for not having the right team at that time, and acknowledged that she didn’t listen to her own “whispers” on how things should have run.  So now it’s onward and upward.  Once she believed she was in a better place with the situation the “talk” in the news didn’t matter to her anymore.  And the one thing I took away from her that I need in my life is a daily practice.  Whether it’s meditating, yoga, running, whatever… do it for 20 minutes a day to quiet yourself to centre yourself.  I will make an effort to find my 20 min a day.  It’s imperative! 

And with that Oprah concluded that “Gratitude is the single force to changing your attitude.”  Agree!!  I’ve always believed (from a very young age) that “An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.”  And with that I’m extremely thankful for the incredible blessings I have in my life today.  Oprah also says “Share the love you’ve been brought to manifest.”  I love that!!  But most importantly,

“Be who you are!”

Thank you lovely Oprah Winfrey for your heart, your passion and your purpose.  Thank you God for giving us this precious person who sings her heart song everyday and has allowed us to look into her life.

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this blog on your experience of Oprah. Due to a family emergency, I was unable to attend, so you helped me feel that I was right there with you. In huge gratitude for all that you do. ;) Susanne