Amazing People who Inspire

by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

The world is full of amazing people.  Unfortunately we don't celebrate them as much as we should.  Here are some of the people who inspired The Brighter Side to be what it is today! (In no particular order)

A Cheerleader in a Pocket ~ Sheri Bruneau is the owner of Get It Together Inc and the President of Brighter Business Empower Inc.  If you ever need a cheerleader in your back pocket, she's the perfect fit.  She encourages creativity and follows through on promises.  I've come up with some zany ideas, and Sheri Bruneau knows how to keep me grounded.

A True Treasure with a Heart ~ Lee Horbachewski - Simplee Serene - is an Author, a speaker and an advocate for Mental Health. She's also a mother, a wife, and one of THE most beautiful people I've ever met.  Her heart is sincere.  Her words are inspiring.  And her presence is infections ~ meaning I can never get enough of her.  (We'll have more about Lee and her book "A Quiet Strong Voice" in an upcoming blog)

A Confident Force ~ Kathryn Sim is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at The Calgary Food Bank.  No matter what project I take on, Kathryn reminds me that "Yes I can do this".  She has reminded me, more than once, that The Brighter Side is a great place to be!  Thank you for your dedication to not only the Calgary Food Bank, but for the confidence you bestow on others to walk with their heads held high!

A STRONG Gentle Soul ~ Cara Fullerton is a recognized journalist with Global TV and the trainer behind Fit & Fierce.  Though the nature of our business, we met at a media function.  Quickly to realize that her amazing tough exterior is filled with a beautiful gentle soul, full of love and support.  Cara your support in whatever endeavours I tackle keep me believing in what I can accomplish.  A truly remarkable woman on the inside and out!

A Determined Fighter ~ Vanessa McWilliams is the President and Founder of Confident Curls.  A mobile wig boutique with a wig wearing woman, helping women wear wigs.  At the age of 9, Vanessa lost all of her hair due to alopecia.  It didn't hold her back, it became her calling.  I take great pleasure watching Vanessa grow and learn.  She inspires me to live life on The Brighter Side.   She's a true Woman of Vision!

We would love to write about the Amazing People in your life.  Let us know and we'll share it with our followers.  Send us your story info@thebrighterside.ca

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