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by Christina Rowsell
The Brighter Side

Last summer you promised you'd make time to organize your pictures.  If even, just get them off of your camera and print them, and put them in an album.  Then by the fall you didn't get a chance to work on that.  Now the kids are in school, you'll have more time to not only organize your pictures, but you'll put them in a book, you'll put them in frames and you might just get to make a professional book!  And then... that didn't happen either.  Now it's the new year, and you keep taking great family memories, but you find yourself showing off your pictures, from your camera.  You have thousands of pictures on there!  Which is why you bought a bigger memory card.  Right? 

Okay, it might not be exact, but you get the point.  We always WANT to organize our great pictures, but time keeps on slipping away and your picture file just gets bigger and bigger!  It's time to hand the work over to a professional!!  Photo Savvy with Cindy Browning! 

As a former Executive Assistant with over 20 years of experience, being organized just comes naturally to Cindy. She was organizing her family, friends, colleagues and bosses long before she realized she could make a career from it.

Seven years ago she decided to take a chance with her talents and ability to organize and started her own business.  This led her down the path to becoming the savvy photo organizer that she is today.

Cindy was not afraid to try many different avenues of work to find where her passion lies. She has worked as both a corporate and residential organizer, and has also coordinated many events in between. Along the way, she came to realize that there were still many possibilities that had been previously unexplored, such as photo organizing. She immediately loved the idea, and photo organizing quickly became her specialty because of her passion for photos, and that you can tell a family history through photographs. It became more apparent to Cindy how important telling that family story through photographs was when her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Cindy’s interest in organizing led to her becoming involved in the Professional Organizers in Canada and has sat on the board of directors for the past three years. Cindy has ‘organized’ the organization’s annual conferences, and she currently sits as the Director of Development.

In addition to becoming a member of APPO she continues to explore many ways to market and promote the unique service she provides as a photo organizer. Cindy strongly believes in the importance of enjoying what you do, giving back and having fun along the way.

HIRED!  That's what's so GREAT about Photo Savvy.  Cindy helps you not only START your project, but she'll help you finish it!  Even if that means she has to do ALL the work. 
Get those pictures off of your camera and put them out so everyone can see them!  Make your own coffee table book.  It's that easy.  All you have to do is make the call (or click) to Cindy Browing from Photo Savvy!

Here's your own check list to see if you NEED Photo Savvy:

Do you ever ask:

“Where in the world is that photo?” OR “What in the world do I do with all these photos?”

Do you have:
  • stacks of old photos crammed in a Rubbermaid container,
  • trays of slides you don’t know what to do with,
  • thousands of unorganized, digital prints on your computer?
  • old albums that are yellow or faded?
  • home movies on tapes you can no longer watch?

Cindy can help you with all of these!  (From anywhere in the world!!) She can help you create a digital scrapbook to give as a gift!  She knows how overwhelming it can be at the thought of organizing your photos, or feeling guilty because you haven't done anything with them at all.  You are NOT alone.  She can help!!

The Brighter Side is all about Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People!  Photo Savvy is all 3! 

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