Having kids is so inexpensive ~ said no one EVER! 

From life necessities to growth spurts to your teenager not wanting to do that sport anymore... it's expensive.  But it doesn't have to be.  Thanks to KinderSwag.  But it works both ways.  Once you get everything you need, it just keeps piling up and taking up storage space.  Why not make some money off of your gently used furniture, toys, clothes, sports equipment!!

Especially with the holiday season upon us, you're only going to get more stuff.  With KinderSwag you can make room for the new and out with the old.  This is a fantastic way to clear out your old clutter, and start the new year with a few extra dollars in your own pocket. 

Or maybe you are looking to SAVE!  You know how fast kids grow out of stuff, and paying full price for something that another child hardly used is worth it.  Best part, you decide if you want it or not. 

KinderSwag is super easy to use!  It only takes a minute to create a posting and submit it.  KinderSwag Mom will check it to confirm it's in the right place (as spammers are not welcome), and then everyone in your own community can see it.  Buyers and sellers then agree to connect and complete the deal!
And the best part is, you'll see who is in your own community (by distance - not names or addresses).  So if you live in Hidden Valley in Calgary, you'll see how far away it is to the product you want.  It could be your neighbour down the street, or 25 km away.  And this works in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. (But not limited to those cities ~ as it works through your postal code if you're in smaller cities)

You'll search by category or search by keyword, it's up to you.  And because KinderSwag is all about "local", you're not sifting through thousands of items that you have no interest in.  You can even sort by distance to find stuff that's really close to you. 

KinderSwag is a Canadian parent-driven networking website dedicated to finding new homes for your great used kid gear.  They're also ad-free and all their listings are screened or, as they like to say, ""Mom approved."

And for those looking, KinderSwag can help with everything from high chairs, cribs, clothing, toys and sports equipment.  SIGN ME UP!  I have been "stocking" up on our gentle used boys toys and clothes! 

**Pictures shown are actual items up for sale (as of Dec.6/2012 and are subject to being sold.)**

That's NOT all... KinderSwag is also about giving back.  And with initiatives like Toy Mountain, which brighten the holidays for so many families, KinderSwag is doing their part and will be taking NEW Toy Swag Bags to add to the mountain of toys! 

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