Smart Betty is a Smart Choice

Smart deals are everywhere it seems.  You sign up for coupons, they give you a deal, the retailer is happy you're in their store hoping you'll come back for more.  But which coupon deals do you sign up for?  Which ones are the real deal?  Who can you trust?  And which one doesn't overwhelm you with constant emails!?!!  Let me introduce you to Smart Betty.

They not only offer amazing deals with discounts of as much as 50-90% off to local, hand picked businesses, BUT every time you buy, Smart Betty gives back to the community by donating 10% of their portion of revenue.  THEY GIVE BACK TO LOCAL CHARITIES!!  Yes I'm yelling!  That's awesome.  It's a win win for you and for your local organizations looking to get more revenue for their charities. 

And if you're the retailer it's good business for you!  The 10% comes out of Smart Betty's revenue. 

Smart Betty is all across the US, and now Canada too!  You'll find her in Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  So you can get amazing deals, and give back to the communities that mean the most to you, in your own neighbourhood! 

So how does it work?  You'll get emails letting you know about the discounts and deals, you click "buy now", you'll get a link with your voucher for the discount, print and present the coupon.  Then the 10% will go to the charity within your community that YOU have chosen to support!

Seriously?!  Why wouldn't you sign up?!  It's the real deal.  The Brighter Side has signed up to use this! It's not only a GREAT deal, but the Amazing People behind Smart Betty GIVE BACK to your charity of choice.

Have a look for yourself.  Visit Smart Betty online and start saving, and GIVING today!
Here's a list of all the community organizations that have partnered with Smart Betty in Calgary!

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