Amazing People in a year

As we continue to celebrate our first year of blogging we wanted to remind you of some of the remarkable people along the way.  Good News, and Great Ideas wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the Amazing People that make them happen.  This past year we were introduced to people who touched our hearts.  Here's a reminder of those Amazing People who stopped by The Brighter Side! (These are the top 3 most popular posts from this last year)

Alexander's Quest.  It's a story that will tug at your heart strings.  Alexander Edwin Brown IS a hero, and now that hero has a quest.  A quest to find a cure for cancer!  This family may have a broken heart, but they certainly know how to see The Brighter Side of life.  Alexander was a beautiful, brave and precious two year old little boy, who lost his life to an aggressive, rare and cancerous brain tumour.  This really is a remarkable story, thanks to the strength, courage and dedication of his parents Tara and Jonathan Brown.  Read more about Alexander's Quest here.

Another Amazing person who crossed paths with The Brighter Side is Vanessa McWilliams.  Since we first told you about Vanessa she has come a long way in just a short time.  Vanessa's story is one that has seen a young girl who faced an unbelievable circumstance and turned that life experience into a story of inspiration.  At the age of 9, Vanessa lost her hair due to a condition called Alopecia and grew up wearing ill fitting wigs, going through embarrassment and discomfort her whole life.  But that didn't stop her from her amazing company today.  Vanessa is the owner of Confident Curls.  A compassionate Mobile Wig Boutique, discretely helping women and children.  Read more about Vanessa and Confident Curls here.  (And since we first told you about Vanessa she has gone on to be recognized as The Woman of Vision for March 2012 - see the Woman of Vision video here)

Next is two incredible women.  Heather Alvas and Karla Laing.  Cancer.  It’s a word that just won’t go away.  And there is more than just one type of cancer.  Cancer affects everyone.  In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to not find someone who knows someone who has cancer.  As health care professionals and medical scientists work tirelessly to find a cure, and to understand this beast, all we can do is wait.  Some will beat it, and some will succumb to it.  And those who live it will SURVIVE it.  It’s a journey that will change your life forever. 

Just ask Heather Alvas and Karla Laing.  Two gorgeous women who survive this on a daily basis.  By looking at them, you would NEVER know the suffering they’ve both been through.  And now they are giving back to those who are fighting, with Cancer Chic.  Read more about their story here.

This is only a few of the Amazing People who have touched our lives.  The Brighter Side is looking forward to introducing to more Amazing People to brighten up your day.  Please stop by their websites to find our more and how they're doing today.  

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