A Year On The Brighter Side

A year ago I woke up from a dream and decided to make The Brighter Side.  The first initial thought I had was to make it a magazine.  As I quickly learned, a magazine is a big, big, big deal.  Through a wise conversation I had with a brilliant business friend of mine, he said, why don't you do a blog.
And so it began a year ago.  The dream just wasn't about a magazine.  It was about bringing The Brighter Side to those who need a lift.  The Brighter Side is about 3 things, Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People.  And over the course of the year I've been blown away and how many people keep coming back for more.  I intend on bringing you more Good News, more Great Ideas and more Amazing People.  We have also expanded our bloggers, which means more for you.  If you would like to share your Good News, you know of Great Ideas or you just want to tell us about Amazing People, PLEASE contact us and let us know!  info@thebrighterside.ca.

Here are some of our most popular posts from this past year.

The most popular by far was our story about Chris Gardner. In 2006 Mr. Gardner wrote his autobiography, The Pursuit of Happyness, which became a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller.  His book was also the inspiration for the acclaimed movie starring Will Smith. His second bestselling book, “Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”, was published in May 2009. Chris Gardner’s aim is to help others achieve their full potential.  Blogger Christina Rowsell had the opportunity to meet and introduce Chris Gardener when he came to Calgary for The Power Within. "What a genuine, gentle, sweet, and huggable man.  He held my hand through our conversation, knowing I was a bit nervous going on stage to introduce him.  Chris is truly a remarkable and compassionate human being.  I really don’t know if I can explain it in words how incredible this man is.  Chris Gardner is the true definition of extraordinary."  Read more here

Candy Bouquets also made the list of most popular.  From the first time we met Tricia from Candy Bouquet right away we knew it was a GREAT idea.  For one, who doesn't LOVE candy, and secondly these arrangements don't die!  Just a sweet tasty treat to brighten up any ones life.  Tricia continues to make beautiful arrangements.  Read more here about Candy Bouquet. 

Our third most popular posting was Making The World Brighter By Going GreenThere are some GREAT things you can do to help our own environment. Recycle, turn off the lights, turn ON the taps and drink house water, buy local and join a car share program.  Find out more here on what you can do to Make The World Brighter By Going Green.  

Next, we head across the pond to Oliver's Farm.  Oliver's Farm specializes in luxury English Sheepskin.  Made at one of the few remaining tanneries in Cambridgeshire, England, with more than a century of experience in crafting sheepskin rugs.  But that's not all.  Oliver's Farm also has cowhide rugs for the home, plus children's sheepskin accessories like hats, mittens, and booties for babies.  They have also added some gorgeous, one of a kind bags and gloves for ladies too! Read more about Oliver's Farm here.

And making it into the top 5 is one of my favourites.  After reading it over again, it's one that really tugs at my heart strings, Faces Behind The Poppy.  It is because of our Veterans that we get to celebrate The Brighter Side of life.  As, on this day, we remember those whose face is behind the poppy.  We remember the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty.  And those who survived to tell their stories.  Plus, we thank those men and women who still serve in the Armed forces today. 

We hope you'll come back to The Brighter Side for more Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People.  Also join us on Facebook for your daily dose.  Thank you for making The Brighter Side a part of your life.  Here's to another year of brightening up your day!

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