JOI to The World

JOI to The World
by Tameeza Mitha

I always start off my blog posts sharing about how lucky I am. Lucky to have a fulfilling job, live a meaningful life and today to live in a city that prides itself on community involvement. Calgary is a city that is focused on helping individuals who face difficult circumstances all year round, through each of the seasons, there is always something going on in the City of Calgary that commits to helping Calgarians in need make their quality of life better.

The fall and winter seasons are especially dear to my heart because as holidays are near to approaching, many people are more willing to lend a hand, and really get involved in something that makes a difference. I have first hand experience in witnessing this because I am the lead coordinator for the JOI to the World campaign.

Founders Hafiz Mitha, Pheak Meas and Brock Murray, of JOI Media, a digital agency in Calgary, started the JOI to the World campaign in 2008. AT JOI Media, one of the most important aspects of the company is to give back. That is the main motivation behind the JOI to the World campaign. The campaign aims at spreading hope and happiness in the form of gift boxes to the city’s less fortunate.  This movement continues to encourage the City of Calgary to provide relief for both individuals and families currently facing difficult circumstances in their lives.

The campaign started in 2008, where we were able to give 350 boxes filled by the community to overlooked charities, in 2009 that number increased to 1000, in 2010 it went even higher to 3500 and in 2011 we filled 4000 boxes with the help of the community and raised $12,000 online through www.katipult.com

Our goal this year is to fill 5,000 boxes and raise $10,000 online. This is the 5th Annual so we want to ensure we hit our goal and have a successful year of spreading hope, happiness and awareness that Calgary does have a lot of individuals residing here that need help.

There are many shelters and organizations in Calgary that are overlooked, and who really need the help to support all of their residents. We try to focus on some of the smaller organizations that don't have the resources and try to make a difference for the couple of months we can. Not many people realize that the gift of a JOI to the World Box can reduce overhead costs for an organization for a month or so because the organization doesn't need to provide that resident basic necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc. 

In addition to helping these organizations, these residents don't get many gifts throughout the holiday seasons like we do, and for them, its nice to be able to receive a gift from someone in the city, it gives them hope and that sense of feeling that someone does care. Many schools that get involved include notes in the boxes and Christmas cards wishing individuals a happy holiday season. For someone who may not have received any gifts all year round, one JOI to the World box can certainly make a difference in that person’s life. 

For more information or to fill a box contact me at tmitha@joimedia.com For those individuals who want to donate online or see the progress of our campaign, they can do so at: JOI to the World

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