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While in London, don't miss out on going to the Theatre.  You'll find a theatre around every other corner in the heart of London.  Whether you book ahead, or buy tickets the day of, it'll be an experience like no other.  We were fortunate to attend two shows.  Billy Elliot as well as War Horse.  Both were exceptional shows, and both very different. 

War Horse London England
 First, War Horse. Based on Michael Morgurgo’s 1982 children’s novel, War Horse is the story of Joey, a horse belonging to a young boy called Albert, who is sold to the cavalry during the first World War. His adventure sees him fight on both sides before he eventually finds himself alone in no man’s land. Albert, unable and unwilling to forget his beloved horse and too young to join up, sets out on a dangerous mission to find Joey and bring him home.

War Horse London England

  I have not seen the movie, so for the first time seeing and hearing this story, it was very touching.  But what blew me away was the puppetering (by Handspring Puppet Company) of these magnificent horses!  Not only did the command an awesome presence on stage, but they had the voices of the horse echoing through out the theatre.  The actors under the horses carriage, to the actor guiding the horses head, ears, mouth and neck did an outstanding job.  I caught myself several times with my jaw open, bewildered by their majestic size and ability to gracefully cover the stage.  War Horse is certainly a MUST see show while in London.  There was no bad seat in the house. 

Billy Elliot
London England
 Secondly, we saw Billy Elliot.  We just walked in off the street on a Monday to purchase available tickets for a Wednesday show.  There were tickets for 65 British Pounds = $101 or 19 British Pounds = $29.75.  We were warned that the $29 tickets did have some obstructions for stage left, but we were okay with that. 

Billy Elliot
Victoria Palace Theatre
London England
Billy Elliot is set in a mining town in the north of England during the 84/85 miners' strike, Billy Elliot is the inspirational story of a young boy's struggle against the odds to make his dream of becoming a dancer, not a boxer, come true.  That's the synopsis of the story, but it's so much more.  It threw me for an emotional rollercoster throughout the play.  Billy Elliot, played by Redmand Rance, was outstanding.  Billy's dad, played by Deka Walmsley, literally took my breath away with his emotional character of a father trying to hold his family together through tragedy and hardship.  The miners characters also proved to be just as strong, reminding us what these people in England went through with the strike.  Billy's deceased mother, played by Kay Milbourne, had me in tears.  I was trying to control my emotions when Billy presented the important letter to his dance instructor, but I found myself sobbing, with no tissue to tidy up my makeup.  I guess being a mother made that performance extra special.  Outstanding performance by all of the cast, wrapping up to a stranding ovation.  Another MUST see show while in London!  (And the seats we had weren't that bad... only missed a couple of steps, but by the time it was over, I forgot all about the obstructions)  And of course, the music was by Elton John.  Honestly, a stellar performance!!  Thank you for making London memorable for us!

On the next blog post, we make our way to the beach, to beautiful Brighton England. 

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