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The Brighter Side blog is a place you can come to find Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People.  We're here to make you laugh, smile and forget about your problems.  Since launching in November 2011, we have seen over 15,000 views.  THANK YOU! 

But not everyone reading our blog speaks English.  Which is why we've added a Translate button on the right hand side, just under The Brighter Side tree.  Type in the language you'd like to read the blog in, and then it'll be translated to your language!! (The Translation can only be seen on the web page - not via the phone app or email - and doesn't work with Internet Explorer - try FireFox or Safari)

Here's a list of countries making their way to The Brighter Side Blog, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, Philippines, Germany, Australia, Russia and France.  Welcome!

I hope you continue to read The Brighter Side Blog, in any language!  Stay tuned for more Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People! 

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