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The Brighter Side YYC took a trip "across the pond." First stop, London England. 

Paralympics logo The Tower Bridge
photo by: The Brighter Side
Londoners are still on high spirits from the Olymlpic Games 2012, every one was very helpful and pleasant.  Always willing to help us with directions, offer advice how to take the underground trains, and tell us the best places to go.   I guess, really, the only pesky thing about London are the pigeons.  They're like our magpies, not really afraid of you, looking for your scraps. Oh... And the one who dropped on my father-in-laws arm.  Sorry about that Dad. ("They" say it's good luck".)

We stayed in the heart of Picidilly Circus at The Thistle.  Fortunately for us, at the time of booking, we got a 50% discount for paying up front. Our room way big with lots of room to move around. (Windows were a bit thin though... As we heard every conversation on the streets below.) But after a busy day of sight seeing, we were too tired to really notice. There were only two things I would have liked to see at the Thistle was better wifi.  It was pretty pricey, and it was only for one device.  And there was no one to take a call at 11:30 pm. (Which is something I would expect from a smaller hotel, or Bed and Breakfast, not a big hotel.)

Westminster Abbey
outside.  Photo by:
The Brighter Side
Taking a bus tour is certainly the way to go to get the history of London.  I would recommend though, make sure you have a "live" tour guide, instead of a recorded tour.  Loved the extra "personality" of our tour guide. Plus another way to "catch up" with the extensive and impressive history, is to take your time and stroll through the British Museum.  By far, the most impressive thing in London was Westminster Abbey.  No photos inside, but you get the idea from the outside shots.  The Abbey was a spiritual experience!  Take the time to visit this magnificent place. 

Big Ben with The London Eye
Photo by: The Brighter Side
London is busy.  Full of people who walk briskly, and men who dress sharp.  Be sure to have your walking shoes on.  That's what you do there. WALK!  Don't drive (especially if you're not used to driving on the left side of the road).  And ladies, if you need your pumps, pack them in your bag to wear at your event.  I hardly saw women wearing high heels.  Maybe that's why they we're looking at me like I was crazy.  But I quickly learned that flats are the way to go.  We certainly did a lot of walking.  But we didn't walk far, stopping at a pub every 2 blocks!  They take their pubbing very serious!!  I loved it!

Pubbing in London England
Photo by: The Brighter Side

I don't want to overwhelm you with information overload, I'll write more in my next entry.  Be ready for the British Theatre, The War Horse and Billy Elliot!  Here's a hint... phenomenal!

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