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At the end of August, we had the opportunity of a lifetime!  To travel to England.   First to London, then to Brighton, followed by Taunton.  We experienced everything from Westminster Abby to London Theatre, a wedding in Brighton, Stonehenge and tracing my family routes.  The actual purpose of this trip was for a wedding!  And a beautiful wedding it was.  But we got so much more out of our journey!

England is usually known for it's cold, muggy weather.  But we may have brought the sunshine with us! And it was no different in Brighton.  Brighton is a quaint English town that sits along the English Channel.  We were told it was only a 20km swim to Paris.  Ummm, no thanks.  But loved the idea of Paris being so close.

While in Brighton, we stayed at The Oriental.  Situated along a narrow road in a building 200 plus years old.  We took the train from London to Brighton, then hopped in a cap to our accommodations.  Welcomed with a purple door, The Oriental was nothing but fabulous from the door opening.  The lounge was unique and comfy.  Best of all was Andrew, the manager that made our stay that much better.  The Oriental is full of stairs though.  Nothing we couldn't handle, but poor Andrew had to carry our luggage up to the 3rd floor.  (He's used to it though)  Next time, I promise to pack lighter!  The room we had was the perfect size, not too small, and not too big.  If there was one thing to complain about it would be the seriously annoying seagulls.  Not the fault of The Oriental.  I take everything back I said about the pesky pigeons from London.  These seagulls were on a mission to squawk night and day.

Brighton is full of character, from the seawall to the pebble beach to the boardwalk amazement park.  It reminded me somewhat of Victoria, BC.  I certainly loved the narrow streets for shopping.

And the food was amazing where ever we went.  We were surprised to see not one, but two Jamie Oliver restaurants.  The first was more of a lunch diner, with a twist.  Learn To Cook Like Jamie at Recipease!  You can book a cooking session to learn to cook just like the master chef himself.  Loved that idea.  When we were there, there were a group of ladies serving up hand made pasta, with their wine in hand!  We had Sausage Bap, which is British pork and leek sausages, caramelized onions, rocket leaf and creamy mayonnaise.  Also Pancetta and potatoes tart.

Call me crazy, but while we were filling up with our lunch, I seriously had an overwhelming feeling that Jamie Oliver himself was there.  Turns out he wasn't at THAT restaurant, BUT he did show up at his other restaurant Jamie's Italian!  And we turned down an invite from my In-Laws who went there for dinner!  We totally missed him, but my brother-in-law did get an autographed cook book from the legend cook, Jamie Oliver.  What a nice touch, to have Jamie visiting patrons.  Thank you Jamie!
Jamie Oliver Recipease
Brighton England
Photo The Brighter Side YYC

From Brighton, next I'll write about my journey into my family history.  My grandfather died when my father was only 3.  But we have the address where he grew up in Taunton England.  I'll share that experience, one that I'll never forget in my next blog post.  Coming soon.

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