Brighter days for Daniel Powter from Bad Day to Cupid

I had the chance to interview Daniel Powter on the phone.  What a lovely, charming and talented man.  

August 14th, 2012 Daniel Powter’s new album “Turn on The Lights” was released.  But it’s been a long journey for the BC native. We first heard of Daniel Powter when he came onto the music scene with his song "Bad Day", which spent five weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 in 2005.

Growing up in Vernon, BC, Daniel learned his love for music at a very young age.  As a child, he played the violin but quickly changed to piano.  It was then that Daniel knew he had a very special talent in learning music by ear, because he is dyslexic.  Daniel explains that it was just a different way of learning, and not a disability. 

Daniel’s first single, “Bad Day”, was first released in Europe in mid 2005, in advance of his second album, Daniel Powter. It was Warner Bros. Records who submitted the single for commercial production, and it was subsequently chosen by Coca-Cola as the theme song for an ad campaign in Europe.  From there, “Bad Day” wasn’t such a “Bad Day” after all, as it was used extensively on American Idol in its 5th season.  Daniel was asked to sing live at the end of the final show of that season, but he didn’t really know much about this show… but soon found out it was something he HAD to do.  

That song, “Bad Day”, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, Adult Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts, making Daniel Powter the first solo Canadian male artist to top the Hot 100 since Bryan Adams in 1995 (with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?").

But what happened to Daniel Powter?   After all these years we still play “Bad Day”, but where did Daniel go?  He explains that life just took over, and he was trying to figure some things out. 

But starting a family and soul searching wasn’t the only things Daniel was going through.  He had some growing pains dealing with a divorce as well as addiction.  And like every other human being on this planet, he just had to work things out on his own time.  Daniel explains.

So now, Daniel, is back into the music world.  Writing and playing music, and doing what he loves, and what he believes is his calling.  His new album, “Turn On The Lights”, is available now.  And his new single “Cupid” is quickly gaining momentum.  This time, unlike Bad Day, this one actually about him and what he wants out of life, Daniel explains. 

So is Cupid the next BIG THING for Daniel Powter?  I have confidence in it, does Daniel?

Wow!  Here's to bigger and better things for Cupid!  Welcome back Daniel!  And keep your chin up, and look at The Brighter Side!

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