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Since starting The Brighter Side in November 2011, we have been overwhelmed with the response.  The idea for The Brighter Side was to bring Good News, Great Ideas and Amazing People to those you needed a pick me up from the everyday news that had us down.  The Brighter Side's mission was simple, bring a smile to those who need it.  Our founder Christina Rowsell found herself caught up in the day to day grind of everything out there was bad news.  Plus, having a family member who suffered a chemical imbalance, who didn't have the option of seeing The Brighter Side of life, so Christina made it her mantra to bring happiness to those who couldn't seem to find it themselves.

Along the way, within these last 9 months, we've met some incredible people with amazing ideas.  Small businesses with incredible people behind them.  Most run off of passion.  They followed their hearts desire and have made a run and turning it into a business.  But what we found was that most didn't have a business degree.  They just did what they know to try to make it work.  They have GREAT ideas, but don't really know how to take it to the next level.

Look at Confident Curls. When I met with Vanessa McWilliams, I was in awe of her story.  While out for a cup of coffee talking about Confident Curls I asked Vanessa if she had a press release.  She said, "What's a press release?".  I led her in the right direction, and within the week she was doing radio and television interviews.  Plus, through her media blitz, she was the Woman of Vision for the month of March with Global TV.

Along the way though, we met one company who had it together.  Get It Together Inc.  Sheri Bruneau from Get It Together was a former elementary school teacher, and now runs Get It Together full time.  Sheri says, it's not just about organizing space, it's about organizing your life.  Get It Together not only organizes residences, but they work with small businesses as well.  From office space, to social networking.  Sheri has taken training in Social Media and Social Media Management and provides clients with custom landing pages for Facebook, setting up Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + business pages, as well as offering Social Media management and training.  And while out for a coffee meeting, Sheri and Christina realized that The Brighter Side and Get It Together would make a great team!

Meet the Brighter Business Empower.

The Brighter Side and Get It Together both have the same ideas.  Wanting to help small businesses take their companies to the next level.  The Brighter Business Empower series of seminars will do just that.  To "Empower Individuals To Succeed In Business."  Together Sheri and Christina have put together an impressive line up of seminars to help those small businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

The Brighter Business Empower events are held the first Wednesday of each month starting in September, excluding July and December, at Cardel Theatre in Quarry Park.  For 2 hours, between 3-5pm you'll have an opportunity to network with other business owners, and learn from the best professionals in their field.  The first seminar is September 12th, Press Releases. What works, what doesn't, how to write one and who to send it to.  It's a marketing tool that most companies don't know about.

The second series is October 14th.  Sheri Bruneau from Get It Together will host Social Media.  She'll take you through the maze of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and the latest craze Pintrest.  Social Media is certainly a tool that, if used effectively, can help boost and generate interest in a company.  Sheri will help you understand the importance of this new tool, and how to use it effectively and not waste your time.

And finally, the third series this year is November 14th with Tracey Agnew and Nathalie Wright, financial advisors and owners of Agnew Insurance Ltd., and Wright Insurance Agencies.  Together, they say whether you run your business from an office or run it as a home-based business, insurance is a must.  They will guide you and what you need and what you don't.  Business owners without business insurance can be held personally responsible for damages and injuries they cause to a third party.  And a personal policy such as a homeowner's policy does not cover business property or activity.  These ladies know their stuff and want to share it with you.

These are just a few of the tools the Brighter Business Empower series of seminars will give you.  (Stay tuned for more updates... including Life and Business Coaches, Product Management, Promotions and Marketing, etc...)  And as a Platinum and Standard member you'll be able to get interactive with the guest speaker with the Brighter Business Empower Blog Talk Radio and call in to ask them a question.  Here's an example of our Blog Talk Radio show.

Listen to internet radio with Brighter Business on Blog Talk Radio
If you know a small business who needs to be empowered to succeed, get them to have a look at http://www.brightrbusinessempower.com/.  Seating is limited, and filling up.  Don't wait to sign up.
The Brighter Side and Get It Together, a partnership to help other's move forward with their business.
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