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by Katipult ~ Tameeza Mitha

As a Calgarian, I have always been interested in philanthropic efforts in and around the city. Something I am striving to work on is creating awareness for non profit and charitable organizations that bring meaning and hope to the lives of others. Luckily for me, my job allows me to meet amazing people with extraordinary stories, all who want to make a difference.

The premise behind Katipult has always been to give back. Through crowd funding, a growing trend that “for profit” companies have been using to gain funding from individuals, non profits can also raise funds from people who are compelled to their cause. 

As an employee here, I find myself becoming more aware of the organizations in the city that share a common goal, but aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.  As of 2003, there were approximately 160,000 incorporated nonprofit and voluntary organizations operating in Canada. In Alberta specifically, there were 19, 356. Many of these charities are volunteer based and need funding to be able to continue to help others in need.

Launched in October 2011, the first project to successfully raise funds in the Katipult Community is JOI to the World. This foundation raised $12,000, which was $2,000 above their target goal. 

The following 4 organizations have recently launched onto Katipult.com, and hope to raise funds for each of their individual initiatives:

A Song for Africa Scholarship Fund is a campaign sponsoring young people living in Kibera, Kenya.  These young individuals are given the opportunity to complete their education.  funding raised also helps to provide career development workshops for the recipients and other children from the community.  These workshops are intended to motivate Kibera's youth in aiming to further their education.

      Going Blue 4 U started in 2011. The first campaign spanned across Canada and included participants dyeing their hair blue to raise funds for Crisis Lines and build awareness for the almost 7 million Canadians impacted by mental illness. The initiative this year is to create a bigger and better campaign encouraging conversation around mental illness, sharing the important message “YOU are not alone”.

·     We Did it! is a charitable organization that was created to respond to the growing needs for quality and affordable programs that take place in an educational environment. We Did It provides children with a safe and nurturing environment encouraging them to learn new skills while exposing them to unique opportunities.


      H(OM)E is a charity focused to raise funds for the Om Disable Child Care home in Kathmandu, Nepal. The "Om Disable Child Care" home was an orphanage started by Ratna, a mother of a mentally handicapped child. It was intended to be a day home for children with similar conditions but eventually people began to drop the children off and never come back for them. The home became an orphanage. This mother currently has 14 mentally and/or physically handicapped children living at the home and only 3 care givers. There is no government aid and the only financial assistance comes from local volunteer agencies.

For more information on these projects, or to start a project of your own, visit Katipult.com or contact tmitha@katipult.com

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