Take a Hike - by Lynda Pianosi

"Take A Hike with Your Children" by: Lynda Pianosi
at Elbow Lake, Kananaskis AB
Remember when you were a kid and your dad used the term, "Take a Hike!"  Well now you can take his words literally!

"Take a Hike with Your Children"
by: Lynda Pianosi
"Take a Hike with Your Children" by Lynda Pianosi is an easy to read book, intended to get families active, outside and interested in nature.  And we certainly have one of the most beautiful playgrounds in our back yard, The Canadian Rockies!  There are more than 40 hikes within a two-hour drive from Calgary.  This is the perfect book for young families wanting to get out and appreciate what Mother Nature has given us! 

In this easy to read guide, there's picture icons that let you know if the trail you and your young family is about to embark on is stroller friendly, if there are bathrooms, fire pits, shelters and more.  Getting ready for your outdoor adventure was never this easy!  Now you know what you and your family are in for.  No more guessing if the hike is suitable for your family!  I love it!  It also gives you an outline for all walking abilities, to competent walkers through to advanced walkers.  Parents are the best judge of their children's walking abilities and you can use these guidelines to help you know where to go! 

"Take A Hike with Your Children" by Lynda Pianosi
at Grassi Lakes, Canmore AB
In this guide ,"Take A Hike with Your Children", Lynda had done extensive research on Banff Hikes, Canmore Hikes, Kananaskis Hikes and Lake Louise Hikes.  Plus there is additional information on other local adventure hikes for your family.  Plus the whole book has photos, so you can actually see what you and your family are getting into!

"Take a Hike with Your Children"
by: Lynda Pianosi
at Larch Valley Hike, Lake Louise AB
Thank you Lynda Pianosi for the tremendous amount of time and energy you put into this outstanding book.  Full of useful information and resources.  Now, no more excuses for not getting out with the kids!  You have one of the most amazing opportunities only minutes away! 

Happy Hiking!!

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  1. A very big thank your for the GREAT review on my book, “Take a Hike With Your Children”. It is very satisfying to know that all of my research, and the “one million miles” that my kids claim to have hiked, will be helpful in getting other families outside to enjoy or spectacular playground” The Rocky Mountains”.

    Thank you and, HAPPY HIKING!

    Lynda Pianosi, Author, “Take a Hike With Your Children”