Fairmont Hot Springs Resort - GREAT family get away!

Over the long weekend we headed to the mountains to camp at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.  Growing up in BC, I love being able to come back to the mountains with a short 3-4 hour drive from Calgary.  (Of course the drive time depends on how many stops you have to make with two kids in tow!) 

This was my 4 year old second or third time in the mountains, and we found that he gets a little nervous with the mountains so close together.  Especially when you come down the hill into Radium.  But once we were in the valley he was excited.  And we were thrilled that we made it too, as this was only our second trip with our new trailer.  But all went well.  (Except the sudden slam on the breaks as a mountain sheep decided to cross the highway... oh and the black bear on the side of the hwy!) 

Once we set up at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, let the fun begin!!  This was a GREAT place to bring the kids AND the dog! 

From mini golf, to bouncy castles to swimming in the hot springs.  It's was the perfect place for our family of 4!  Plus, for the grown ups there's some of the best golfing around!! So if you're wondering where to take the kids, take them on the short drive into beautiful British Columbia. 

From Radium, Invermere, Windermere to Fairmont, there's so much for a family to do!!  Thanks for the GREAT long weekend Fairmont Hot Springs Resort!

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