The Brighter Side has had the opportunity to not only share GREAT ideas, but introduce you to some AMAZING people.  Individuals or organizations who put their heart and soul into what they do.  Whether it's a small business or a non-profit charity group.  Amazing just doesn't describe the ambition and energy these people bring.  And now, another organization that knows the meaning of giving back!  Meet Katipult!

Katipult's online platform helps charities and non profits raise funds, execute projects, and build a following using their Full Cycle Fundraising framework.  They created this to help organizations demonstrate impact and engage their donors, while making the fundraising process fun and easy.  And if you've ever put something together for a fundraiser, and tried to raise money, you know that it's a lot of work.  But Katipult can help you get this going!!

Katipults start was born through the digital agency JOI Media.  The team at JOI Media felt a strong responsibility to give back, so they started JOI to the World, an initiative to provide boxes of essentials to needy people through local organizations.  They quickly went from 350 boxes in their first year to over 4,000 boxes last Christmas.  And a large part of the success was due to sharing the vision with their friends who used their social networks to spread the message and drive donations.  From there the idea for Katipult was established.

Keep in mind, there is no fee for non-profit organizations that want to post their campaigns on Katipult's community.  So if you know of a non-profit that's looking to increase their donations and better engage with their donors, send them to Katipult.com.  It's nice to know that there are other's out there helping us to see The Brighter Side!

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  1. Katipult is the Canadian answer to Kickstart - if not BETTER!!!

    Their platform, keeps donors updated, and project organizers accountable to prove where funds are going!

    I am very excited to be setting up the Going Blue 4 U Project on Katipult.

    Look out - this is an upcoming organization you want to watch and support!