Empty Bowl Benefit for the Calgary Food Bank

We've all heard the Stats on the benefits of eating dinner together as a family.  It's a ritual that can keep the family in touch with each other.  It's a place where you come together to talk about your days events.  It's about just being a family and bonding with one another.

But what if... you didn't have a meal to put on your table.  It can and DOES happen.  And it's not just for the homeless.  It happens to people who have "life events" that can put you in a position where you just can't afford the groceries.  The cost of groceries has skyrocketed, and I often wonder how people can afford to eat.  Let alone the enormous cost of eating healthy!  Here's a GREAT website that will tell you the average cost of groceries in Canada click Living In Canada.  I know for our family of 3 adults, Mom, Dad, Childcare provider, and 2 small children ages 2 and 4, I usually budget for $250 a week x 4 = $1000 a MONTH!  However, if I play my cards right, and do meal planning, I can usually get away with $150 a week x 4 = $600 a month.  $600 is certainly better than $1000, but that doesn't always happen.

Now, imaging not having a house with double income.  AND you have children to feed too.  It happens.  And it happens all the time.  According to The Calgary Food Bank 146,947 Calgarian received food from their Emergency Food Hamper Program.  Client visits have increased by 70% since the start of the recession (2006/2007).  33% of households requesting a food hamper had at least one employed person. 42% of clients were children.  No one should go hungry, especially children.  But thankfully we have The Calgary Food Bank in our city.  It's neither a government or United Way agency.  They rely solely on the generous support of donors like you!

Growing up, I know my family could have benefited by having such an amazing organization.  I asked my mom if we ever used the food bank, she replied saying "there was nothing like that when you were growing up, but it sure would of helped", a single mother of 2.

Which is why The Brighter Side supports The Calgary Food Bank.  And one of the things The Brighter Side does every year is participate in The Empty Bowl Benefit.  6 hours later (thanks to the Colour Me Mine Studio), The Brighter Side artist Christina Rowsell came up with this, The Brighter Side plate.  Plus, a beautiful Candy Bouquet from http://www.sugarbuzzyyc.ca/ filled with an assortment of candies.  We are hoping that The Brighter Side plate would raise $1000 for this worthy cause.  With all the proceeds going to a food bank that supports so many.

Bid on Christina's Empty Bowl Benefit plate here!  Together we can help the Calgary Food Bank help other's enjoy The Brighter Side of life!

Working together to create a hunger-free community

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