Pizza Teeth by Marlana Prowal

Let’s face it. Juggling the cost of life’s necessities is exhausting and overwhelming these days. When you add in the avoidable expense of having your dentist spend more time with you, like many, you probably wish you had done something different to prevent it.

“If only I flossed more,” or, “If I just brushed my teeth before bed,” are likely the first things you tell yourself when it comes to dental care. But do you ever think to use oregano?

When I began to learn about the healing benefits of essential oils, the mysterious oil of oregano was something that was discouraged from being used from aromatherapists, warning of its incredible concentration. There is no doubt that oil of oregano, or any oil for that matter, shouldn’t be used without learning more about its properties and to identify whether or not it would be right for the user. Though rare, allergies and other reactions need to be considered.

After researching natural ways to help ease the common cold and to fight off the flu, I stumbled upon essential oil information that included oil of oregano. You got it—the same herb that you enjoy in your favourite Italian dishes is what produces the oil that helps ward off common illnesses.

Oil of oregano has numerous benefits from colds and flu to digestive ailments and dental grief. You could bet that during my next cold, I wanted to take a drop of the oil myself to see if it would work. Because of its potency, dropping a clean, undiluted drop in the mouth is horrendously awful. (I know from experience, and that’s what I’m here for, right?) I graduated to the next experiment of one drop in a glass of orange juice. It smelled and tasted a bit like an orange pizza. Tolerable, but not exactly pleasant.

Being part of the mint family, oregano blends perfectly with just about any commercial brand toothpaste. One drop on a loaded toothbrush was all it took for me to realize that my daily intake of oregano was not only fighting seasonal colds, but to my surprise, it gave me an “all-clear” at the dentist. As someone who almost always has to return weeks after a cleaning to have a cavity filled or re-filled, I had to credit oil of oregano for being responsible for doing the same amount of good when it came to oral care. Also, as someone who habitually suffers from at least one cold per year, after a few years of use, I have yet to be sick.

Coincidence? If you research oil of oregano for yourself, you will find more people singing the praises of its use than any nay-sayers who likely to defend the pharmaceutical companies. Compare the pros and cons of its use, and if you are interested, take the challenge between dental visits to see the difference yourself.

Talk about good news and great ideas! A few extra bucks in the wallet from saving a trip to the dentist and time off from work due to a cold certainly was good news for me.

Marlana Prowal

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