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Graduation is coming soon…or is it?  Many teenagers who have legitimately completed Grade 12 this year may be asking this very question.  While their friends will be enjoying their graduation banquet, some grads who have endured hardship will be questioning whether or not they will be able to join them.

This is where Cinderella Project comes in.  By donation, this organization can help teenage girls affected by poverty feel like Cinderellas for a night, enabling them to attend their graduation banquet in style.

Accepting gently used gowns or monetary donation, the word has certainly spread since 2005 to make this a big success for everyone involved.  The website explains that many teenagers today are living hectic lives to rival that of their parents to help keep a steady income for their families.  Some of these children are working part time jobs, and abstaining from extra-curricular activities so they can work, help raise younger siblings, all the while assisting their parents to make ends meet.

I began to think of what kind of good this charity can do for all of us – not just the girls who will be able to attend their graduation.  We need our children to leave school and enter adulthood with faith in the human spirit.  With a growing population and not enough charity, children are learning to look after themselves instead of helping others.  What better way to teach the importance of this lesson than at graduation? 

When youth today transitions from high school to the workforce, their experience firsthand of the kind of good it does to give back to others, can truly create a pay-it-forward existence for many years to come.

As for our young Cinderellas, this could be the one experience they have to rekindle their belief that fairytales really can come true.

Thanks to guest blogger for The Brighter Side Marlana Prowal


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