Alexander's Quest

For most of us, celebrating Family is about spending time with family.  Getting outside to skate, or sitting in the living room catching up.  But for one family, their family has a broken heart.  Alexander Edwin Brown IS a hero, and now that hero has a quest of his own.  This family may have a broken heart, but they certainly know how to see The Brighter Side of life.  

This truly is a remarkable, TRUE story, and it all starts like this...

Once upon a time, not that long ago lived a little warrior, named Alexander.  Alexander was a beautiful, brave and precious two year old little boy, who lost his life to an aggressive, rare and cancerous brain tumour.  Sounds like such a sad story.  Well, sad as it may be, little Alexander will live on forever, through Alexander's Quest.  

Alexander's Quest is just that.  It is Alexander's "bucket list" that started this outstanding organization.  A list that will help other children who are terminally ill with cancer gain life experiences that fill their final days with joy.  As tough as this story is to cope with, it truly has a happy ending, through the ongoing love of Warrior Alexanders parents who have dedicated their time to full filling his quest.  Mom and Dad (Jonathan & Tara), were NOT about to let his cancer win!  

With that being said, not only are they helping children with cancer enjoy the brighter side, they are also on a mission to find a cure for cancer!  As Alexander's tumour is still alive in a lab, they are confident they will find a cure!  (Bless them for all they've been through)!  Remarkably, Alexander's tumour is growing in the lab and is the first ETANTR tumour in HISTORY to do that!  (I seriously just took a deep breath, held it, and released in my awe of the strength of this family and of the Warrior known as Alexander!)
This is an ongoing story, that will only get bigger and better.  To find out more about Alexander's Quest, visit their website.  Thank you Alexander for coming into this world to teach us so much.  A Warrior for sure, a Teacher no doubt, but most of all a Hero.

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