Happiness is Contagious!

Is it possible to be contagious to happiness?  If you were asking me, I’d say yes.  I catch it everyday!  But mind you, that’s my job.

What if it was your job to make people laugh, smile and just forget about their problems everyday?  Well, it’s not technically in my “job description”, but it’s how I chose to do my job.

So what kind of job forces me to be happy everyday?  Being a Radio Host.  No one wants to hear a grumpy announcer… well not where I work.  You certainly can find your share of grumpy commentators, announcers and hosts in the world of radio.  But that’s not the type of show I choose to do.  We have enough grumpiness in this world.  There’s enough bad news, sad stories and depressing things in this world, so why not try to be uplifting. 

By actually smiling everyday, I find it’s a bit contagious.  By no means do I wake up happy EVERYDAY.  Only sometimes.  I am human after all.  I have my fair share of rotten things that happen in my life, but I make a choice to put a smile in my voice to try to brighten up your day.  You’d be surprised!   If you faked a smile in your conversation, it’ll actually make you happy.  Ever listen to a commercial on the radio and think, “Man, that announcer sounds so happy!!”  You’ll actually catch yourself smiling along with the announcer.  It’s contagious. 

This is how the idea of The Brighter Side was born.  Being in the media, I have to comb through all the stories from the news and on the internet to find the ones that will actually make you feel better about your day.  I see the bad news everyday.  I hear the sad stories all the time.  I watch the devastation that’s all around us.  But does it have to be so much doom and gloom ALL the time?  There are good news stories that will make you smile.  There are great ideas that people have all over the world.  And this planet is full of amazing people that brighten our days!  And those are the things I choose to share.  If I can make one person smile, I’ve done my job.  Try smiling.  Go ahead, even if you have to fake it.  SMILE!  Now hold that smile!  Hold that grin!  Keep it there for another second!  Doesn’t that feel good!  I told you it was contagious.

Now go into the world, and be contagious.  See how many people you can make smile today.  It feels good!  The world is a pretty great place to be!  Celebrate it with The Brighter Side!  Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People.

The Brighter Side

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