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Wouldn't it be nice to just be organized?!  I start my day off thinking, "Okay, I'm going to get this, this, and this done today!  No more excuses, I'm determined to be organized."  And by noon, I haven't done a thing!  Sound familiar.  Getting organized is no easy task.  Because once you organize one thing, you have to organize another thing!

My pantry looks GREAT!  It's pretty well organized between, soups, pasta, cereal, snack food and junk food!  And at the end of the day after my boys get in there, it's a mess again.

So how does one control the stress of organizing?  Solution!  Hand it over to an expert.  I will get organized to call upon the company Get It Together.  Sheri Bruneau is the founder and President of Get It Together Inc.  On her website it lists the services of Moving Planner, Organizing Services and Concierge Services.  She WANTS you to fall in love with your home again, and time for all those other things you love to do!!  You can start off slow with the Jump Start Package in helping you to just get going.  Or you can pick up the Full-Meal Deal with 12 hours of organizing and de-cluttering.  I love that word "de-clutter".  It sounds so refreshing.  Like I've just put a flower to my nose and took a deep breath.  Ahhhh, the wonders of de-cluttering.  Okay Sheri I'll call you... soon. (I have a craft room with your name all over it!!)

But Get It Together does more than help you put your home back in order.  Maybe you NEED your very own personal assistant.  Come on, let's be realistic, sometimes you just can't do it all!  As much as we'd like to do it all and take all the credit.  If you had a personal assistant, perhaps then you could do it all, and more!  A personal assistant doesn't just take notes and send out your mail.  Get It Together wants you to live a balanced life with less work and more living.  A personal assistant can grocery shop, do a weekend get-a-way plan for you and your honey (now when's the last time you did that?) or how about help you plan that family reunion everyone keeps talking about, but wont do!  This is what Get It Together does... and more!  So much more!  If you are just overwhelmed with your "To Do List", then check out Get It Together.  You and your family will be glad you did!  Visit Get It Together for more!

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