Make the world Brighter by going GREEN

New Years Resolutions are about making our lives better, but what about a resolution to make our world a little greener.  There are some GREAT things you can do to help our own environment.  2012 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.  There are several simple steps we can take to go green.  If you just pick one, it’s better than none.  Get your self started. 

Recycle.  In Calgary the city makes it easy to find out how and where you can recycle. (Click here for the link)  They’re also working on a new composting pilot project.  I sure hope it goes through! The details are here.  

Next, turn off the lights!  You can make an impact everyday by turning off the lights during the day.  It may even help you shed a few pounds.  If you have a house with children, then you’ll be following them around EVERYWHERE to turn off the lights.  What is it with kids and turning the lights on!!!
Don’t forget on the last Saturday in March (March 31st 2012) will be Earth Hour.  It’s your chance to be a part of a movement to address climate change.  Be a part of hundreds of people, businesses and governments around the world to turn off your lights for 1 hour. 

Now that you’ve turned the lights off, now turn ON the tap.  The bottled water industry continues to sell billions of gallons of water in generating billions of dollars in profit.  And still, plastic water bottles create huge environmental problems. And 75% of water bottles are NOT recycled and end up in landfills, litter roadsides and pollute waterways and oceans. Visit Alberta WaterSMART.  Alberta WaterSMART is a not for profit society dedicated to the improvement of water management awareness, technologies and practices in Alberta.  http://www.albertawatersmart.com/

Buy local.  Not always easy to do, but there are some great places that can help you out.  One of those places is actually online at http://www.spud.ca.  I LOVE LOVE this site.  I can get organic food and support local business.  At the end of each bill it tells me how far my food traveled to my house.  Oh… and they deliver it to your home!  Doesn’t get any better than that.  Yes, they even have FRESH produce.  You have to check this site out!  http://www.spud.ca/.  Local small businesses have smaller environmental footprints.  Another place to buy local is at our farmers markets!  You’ll find food from these sources to be (usually) fresher and more flavourful!  

Click for other local markets.  Calgary Farmers Market, Crossroads Market and a list of all other City's Farmer's Markets.

Join a car share program! Calgary has a program for you! CarShare is quicker and more convenient than renting a car, cheaper and GREENER than owning, and allows you to do some things that are not possible to do by bike or transit.  Find out more http://calgarycarshare.ca/

These are only a few tips to get you going on your Green New Years Resolution.  Visit http://www.greencalgary.org/ for more GREEN ideas! 

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