Finding Yourself in a Happy Place

There’s a lot of pressure in today’s world for women.  Be beautiful, be skinny, have children, get rich, be smart, be a good mother, be a good wife, all at the same time making sure everyone else is happy.  

Honestly, do we need to have it all?  Where does this come from?  Our need to fit in, our need to be one of the boys, our need to be a super hero.  It’s like we’re always trying to prove ourselves.  But who are we proving this to?  To ourselves or to the rest of the world?  We spend most of our free time trying to please others and forgetting about ourselves.  Now I know you know better than that.   You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.  If you’re broken, you’re useless to the rest of us!  So how do we turn this around and make ourselves happy first.  Here’s a list of helpful tips to get you back on the right track and to bring yourself back to a happy place.

Know that you actually exist!  Yes you do.  You are not just your kids mom.  You are not just your husbands wife.  You are not just an employee.  You are you.  But who are you right?  That’s what you’re going to find out.  Write a list of things that YOU are really good at.  Example: 1.)  I love taking pictures!  If I could snap pictures all day long, I would!  With this list, you may actually get to know yourself again.  You’ll see where you need to spend more time, and how you actually enjoy life.

Seriously!  I don't remember
what was so funny!
We laughed
so hard!  
Laugh.  Find out what it is that makes you laugh.  Laughing is so GREAT for your whole health.  I recently took a trip to see my best friend, and all we did was laugh!  It was awesome!  I actually felt younger after visiting her!  Which is why I LOVE her so much.  

Now if you don’t have someone who can make you laugh, rent a funny movie.  Read a book.  The one book that has me constantly giggling is Jann Arden’s recent book Falling Backwards.  (Okay it’s not ALL funny, but there are funny parts… Jann is one funny gal!)

Childhood memories with
my brother Jamie. (RIP)
Memories.  This can be a tough one.  Especially if you think about all the bad memories in your life.  You have to get past those ones.  Put those ones in a different space right now.  Try to remember the ones that you love.  Pick a happy memory from childhood, and pick one from a recent event.  The point is to remind you that you do have GREAT things that happen in your life!  Not everything is bad and miserable. 
Today my greatest moments
are with my boys!

Congratulations you’ve just boosted your own self esteem!  You are now equipped to take on the world.  Okay maybe not the world, but at least you can walk around with your head held high.  You are GREAT!  And you can do whatever it is you set yourself out to do!

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