Driving Miss Daisy!

Driving on the Deerfoot, especially when it's at a crawl, can be one of the best advertising places for your company!  Not long ago, I was stuck in volume congestion heading home and noticed a vehicle with an advertising logo on it saying Driving Miss Daisy.  It automatically made me think of my friend Lorraine.  Lorraine was a single woman who didn't drive, and on those cold winter days I would drive her to the grocery store so she could pick up her weeks worth of food.  From then on I called her Miss Daisy.  Of course all of this was inspired by the 1989 movie Driving Miss Daisy with the star cast of Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman and Dan Aykryod.
The company I saw on the Deerfoot, Driving Miss Daisy, provide an array of support and services to seniors which includes, but not limited to; driving to medical appointments, grocery shopping, home support, and Alzheimer's companionship.  WOW!  Not only a fantastic idea, but a comforting one.  Their mission is "To be the eyes for those with compromised vision, the feet for those with limited mobility and a strong arm to support the weak."

The story of how Driving Miss Daisy began is a touching one.  Bev Halisky, the founder, manifested the idea from her love for seniors and those with disabilities.  And at the age of 51, retired, she was looking for something to fulfil her dreams of putting something back into the community where she lived.  She found the need for this service, and in the beginning, provided door service to those that were challenged by poor mobility, failing eyesight and dementia.  Within only 6 months, the demand for her services was so high, she decided to franchise The Driving Miss Daisy Corporation.  Read Bev's full story here.

As of November 1, 2011, Driving Miss Daisy has 50 operational franchises operating in over 55 vehicles throughout Alberta, BC and Ontario.

For once I was happy to be stuck in traffic.  It lead me to Driving Miss Daisy.  A GREAT idea with a huge heart!  For more information visit http://www.drivingmissdaisy.net

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