Give The Gift of Health

With the spirit of Christmas, comes the spirit of giving.  This is the time of year that everyone wants to see those less fortunate have a Merry Christmas.  But it’s not always about toys and food.  (But those are very good organizations that help out).  It can also be about health.  There is a way to give when it comes to health, and that’s where you can consider becoming a life-force donor of stem cells, by registering as a bone marrow donor.  If nothing else, pass along the information to anyone who you may think would like to do this. 

I recently received an email from a friend of mine who is looking for anyone who may be able to help out a friends 3 month old granddaughter Zoe.  Zoe is currently fighting for her life with a very serious rare blood condition called HLH.  Being a bone marrow donor might save the life of a child, just like Zoe. 
The best way to get started on the stem cell donor list is to go to http://www.onematch.ca/.  
On behalf of my good friend and this family, thank you for reading this and passing the information along.  Please spread the word, the more people who join the network means the more stem cells matches that are possible for sick kids here in Alberta and around the world. 

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