A different way to donate this year

Homeless Partners
A Different Way to Donate This Year

Giving money or donating clothes to homeless shelters each year is helpful, but for a group of people who decided to add some creativity to the cause, it now has a personal touch.

Homeless Partners is a non-profit, self-funded program that changes the way you can give to those less fortunate this year. By visiting the website below, you can select a recipient in your chosen city, read their story, and review their Christmas wish list. Items range from blankets to bus tickets, making Christmas comfortable, or perhaps life changing for those in need. 

To participate is simple! Visit the website and create an account. Select your chosen city and shelter, and select a recipient. Click on the gift box next to their wish, then pledge your gift. Wrapping and deposit instructions are also included on the website, making the donation process easy.

Homeless Partners is unlike any other organization, creating such a personal way to give. Each individual has their own story to tell, and you can get to know them by reading a little bit about their life, then selecting an item from their wish list that would mean the most to them.

Click the link and get to know someone in your area. Giving them a chance to unwrap a personal gift from you could make a difference this season!


The Brighter Side wishes to thank Marlana for sharing this story with us.  I quickly went to the link and in Calgary you can grant wishes for those at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre.  I was in tears reading the wish lists.  Simple things that mean so much to them.  For example there was one wish for an eye exam and glasses, the other was as simple as a jacket.  It's just a click away.  If you've been wondering where to help this holiday season, THIS ONE IS A MUST SEE!

Blessings to you and your loved ones this Holiday Season.

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