Calgary Food Bank Changing Lives

I've had the privilege of attending many media functions and events in Calgary over the past 17 years.  The Calgary Food Bank has always been an organization near and dear to my heart.  

About a month ago I participated in the Annual Mayor's Food Drive in support of the Calgary Food Bank.  This year, we were introduced to a young man who touched every one's heart.  His name is Jeret. Here is Jeret's story in his own words as he kicked off the event. 

"Hello my name is Jeret Holt and I am a volunteer at the food bank I feel very fortunate to be here today. I also feel very fortunate to be where I am in my life and am able to give back to an organization that gave my family more than just boxes of food. Growing up, even in a middle class family, times can be tough. I grew up with an alcoholic father that was on occasion abusively violent to my mother.

There was no getting around the fact that, as strong as my mother was, there was no way she was going to better our situation without support. I cannot image the added worry and struggle any mother must go through especially this time of year. Wanting nothing more than to see her children safe and smiling.

That’s why I said, "it was always more than just boxes of food." In those boxes was hope.  Hope that my mother had made the right choices no matter the struggles. Self confidence, to help focus on what was coming next. To ease ones burden and create help and grow opportunity.  In those boxes was a means for my mother to instil a better life in her three children, and she did.

After utilizing the food bank around Christmas for several years we were all able to persist forward. My mom now owns a successful house cleaning company and the girls are getting University educations. As for me, I am a freelance cinematographer that shoot’s TV and film across North America. That’s why I feel fortunate to be here and have the time…a story and a skill, to give back to the Calgary food bank. My family’s struggles are over but still for so many they are still just beginning."   

Thank you Jeret for allowing The Brighter Side to share your inspirational words and experiences.  For more information on the Calgary Food Bank, visit their website at http://www.calgaryfoodbank.com

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