Going to the store when you need more diapers is as easy as getting in the car and driving to the store.  My son is 2 now and wearing size 5, so a box of diapers costs between $24 and $38 these days.  All depending where you buy them and what kind of sale they have going on.  Sounds pretty simple to just go and get another box of diapers.

But the reality is, it's not that simple to everyone.  In Calgary, in 2009 there were 17,570 baby items sent out to over 2,900 people.  Who delivered those things?  The ICU2 program with another amazing organization called NeighbourLink with their ICU2 Infants & Children Under 2.  This program is to help babies living in poverty, in Calgary, get the best possible start in life.  Free baby supplies arent just a phone call away for parents who simply can't afford diapers and formula at the same time as they're paying essental bills like rent, utilites and groceries.  By providing low-income families with the items they need to keep their children healthy and happy, NeighbourLink helps them stay in their homes; off the streets and out of shelters.

I was introduced to this outstanding group of people through Role Mothers.  It literally broke my heart to know that there are children in our city who don't have what they need to grow.  Perhaps in the back of my head I knew they were here, but have been too busy to open my eyes to see the problem.  This program just wants to give these children the opportunity to have a good start.  It's even an opportunity for the parents to figure things out.  The ICU2 program is a guiding light than can lead these family in the right direction.  Here is a perfect opportunity to help someone see The Brighter Side.  To find out more about this program visit http://www.neighbourlinkcalgary.ca/

 If ever you've wondered if you've found your soul mate, have a child.
If ever you've wondered if you've been blessed in your life, have a child.
If ever you've wondered if you've made a difference in the world, look through the eyes of a child.
If ever you wondered if you are loved, be a mother.
- Christina Rowsell


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