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With Christmas less than a month away now, you may need a new list for your must haves.  Feel free to pass on this list to those who wish to spoil you.  You'll find things on the web, ideas for family fun, gift cards, tech stuff and even classes!  Hopefully they'll all help make your life brighter and easier!  Use it as your own must haves or some great ideas for the Mom in your life.

Bubble Friends  Fun! Fun! Fun! A Calgary mom who has an amazing imagination! From Bubble Name bobbles (for your kids coats and to collect) to awesome invites and banners for your parities. The Bubbles also make it easier for your kids to zip up their own coats!  They're unique and fun for you and your kids! Especially for your theme parties.  For adults and for kids.  Maybe it's a Moustache party or a Pirate Party.  The Bubble Friends team are creative and fun.  Bubble Friends has all kinds of great gift ideas too!  Have a look!

Heritage Makers 
I CAN’T live without my pictures and memories. Maybe it all started when I lost all my pictures when I was a kid in a house fire. To me, “THINGS” aren’t as important as our memories. And what a better way to preserve your memories, than in an amazing keepsake book. I’ve made great photo books for the grandparents, a honeymoon book for my husband and yearly memory keepsakes for my boys. This is a MUST in my books!!!!

Family Fun Calgary  AND IT’S FREE!!!
  EVERYTHING you need to know!! This site was created by Melissa Vroon and Voula Martin, two Calgary women who have known each other a long time. One day, Melissa said to Voula, “Why isn’t there a website where you can go and find all the fun things to do in the city with the kids? Someone should make a site like that.” And Voula replied, “So why don’t we create it together? Thank you ladies for this GREAT site and reference guide for all parents!!

Lite 95.9 Christmas Music.  It’s not always about just one song; it’s about what Christmas music means. It’s about the season it represents. Christmas. Christmas is about going to church with your parents to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to listen to your dad sing (as bad of a singer as he is).  Christmas is about remembering your childhood and how excited you would get about the presents under the tree. It’s also about remembering loved ones who have gone before us. It may bring a tear to your eye, but in loving memory.

Portable North Pole  
Technology has come such a long way. If you have kids you HAVE to send them this personal message from Santa! Yes it’s free. Only costs if you want to make your message into a keepsake.  If not you can watch it again and again and again for free! PNP – Portable North Pole console will be online throughout the Holiday season, allowing you to send personalized video messages FREE to your children, parents and friends. Your kids will LOVE this!!!

Starbucks non fat Latte or Tim Horton’s Cafe Mocha, whichever tickles your fancy for the day.  This is an easy stocking stuffer for your coffee lover!!! Nothing better than that first cup of coffee. Mmmmm

Body Shop Bubble Bath and Essential oils.  Aromatherapy doesn’t just smell good, it so beneficial as well. It helps you relax and gives you stress relief. It’ll help your mood and well being. Aromatherapy can also give relief of minor discomforts; boost your immune, respirator and circulatory system. Aromatherapy doesn’t “cure” major illnesses but it is effective at alleviating many of the discomforts associated with them. Essential Oils are the heart of aromatherapy. They have been used to heal wounds, energize, improve skin tone, relax muscles, improve sleep, and relieve tension headaches and so on and so on!!  Any mom who takes her "time out" in the bath NEEDS this!

If you’ve been thinking about the iPhone, stop thinking about it. Do it! As a mom it’s not only good as a phone, but the apps out of this world! Great for you and great for entertaining your kids!!! There are times when you’re at the grocery store or at the doctors’ office, and the kids are getting restless. With an iPhone you can get the “Kid” friendly apps. We have flashcards, memory games and even movies.   But with the iPhone, you’ll need an iTunes gift card.   This way you can get the games for your kids, and the apps you need.  Most are free, but there's the occasional $.99 cents you'll need to buy yourself Angry Birds.

Last, but not least, a new camera.  Not just a point and shoot, but go out on a whim and get an SLR camera.  I have last years big seller, the Canon T2i Rebel.  But now you can get the latest and greatest.  Yes, this wish list item is a bit on the expensive side.  
But since pictures mean SO much to me, I was getting fed up with pictures not turning out and not being the quality I wanted them to be.  It’s intimidating at first to use an SLR camera, but with time you’ll figure it out, and be glad you did. Plus, there are some GREAT classes you can take to get familiar with your new best friend.  What a great way to also get out of the house.  I took this class and LOVED it!  Check out Mt. Royal University Continuing Education.  

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