Jann Arden

I remember the very first time I saw Jann Arden.  She was singing at an intimate pub in Gas Town in Vancouver in 1993 for Music West.  I remember her sitting on a stool with one foot on the floor, I guess that's call "sit-standing".  Anyway... I had no idea who she was, but thought, this woman is FUNNY!  Never mind the singing talent, she was hilarious.

Little did I know, when I moved to Calgary in 1995, that Jann Arden was from here.  Since then I've seen Jann perform on numerous occasions.  I even had the opportunity to get to know Jann better when she was on an episode of Antique Psychic (where I was the host).  Again, Jann was so funny.  Really she is.

Another adoring quality about Jann Arden is that she's down to earth.  There's nothing "Hollywood" about her.  She's not demanding, she's not a diva, she's not rude.  Well, rude in the sense that she's not pushy.  If you don't fancy the "f" bomb, you may think she's rude.  But other than that, she's not rude.  It's not like she says it to your face.  Just in conversations.  Really, who doesn't?

Jann has one of those infectious personalities.  The more she talks, the more you want to get to know her.  I would LOVE to just have Jann over for an hour or two to just talk.  More like, I'd listen and she'd talk.  Jann I just put you on my "Bucket List" of things to do... Have lunch with Jann Arden.

Jann just released her book "Falling Backwards a memoir".  I'm only One chapter deep, but I caught myself laughing out loud.  When my husband asked me what was so funny, I couldn't really explain it.  Let's just say it involves Jann being VERY grateful for her mother when she gave birth to her.  The next out burst came when Jann explains what happens to children when they play in garbage cans in the back ally.  THAT you'll have to read on your own.  I'm not about to go into detail.  But Jann sure does.  Jann has freaked me out a bit.  My 2 year old son is already showing signs of being a little Jann.  I'm thankful that we don't have Milk Man chutes in today's day and age... for fear of my son getting his head stuck.  But there are other corners and crevasses he may find.  (Let's put it this way, Jann was an "adventurous" child, and so is my son who recently put peas up his nose).

The sentimental side of Jann comes from the inspiring love she has for her parents. I found myself tearing up as she talks about the unconditional love she has for her mom and dad.  Thank you Jann for sharing that.  Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us.  I'm looking forward to reading more.  (Hope the rest is just as good as the first chapter! lol)

At the same time Jann has also released a new album "Uncover Me 2".  It features Jann interpreting songs popularized by artists including The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths, The Everly Brothers, Doris Day, Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee.  So I popped my new CD into my car and had a listen.  Again, showcasing her God given talent.  Outstanding.  Especially the Stevie Nicks song Dreams.  Love Love Love that cut on this CD.  So now you have two ideas for gift giving this Holiday Season.  The book "Falling Backwards" and the cd "Uncover Me 2".

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet up again with Jann for a book signing of her latest memoir.  Once again, she is as down to earth as one gets.  Earlier in the day she was in Edmonton for a book signing at Chapters.  Then drove to Calgary.  Arriving at the Deerfoot Walmart by 7pm, with a crowd of people waiting to have her sign their books.  Jann told the store manager that she'll stay until the last book is signed.  After a long night of chit chat and autograph signing she was off to Vancouver to sing the national anthem for the Grey Cup game.  When do you take a breath Jann?

Thank you Jann for the fun pictures, and for brightening my day.  Thank you for also brightening the day of all your fans.  We truly love you!

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