Finding your way back.

It seems to be the most desired answer for a mother to find.  How does one find balance and calm in their life?  Good question!

Secretly, I long to be able to turn off.  But my mind races so fast I sometimes have a hard time keeping up.  Do I do too much?  Am I not doing enough?  At the end of the day I'm already planning for tomorrow, and in some cases for next week.  

Carbondale River
Castle Mt. AB
Mandy Shapanski, CEO of Xerox Canada, was speaking at a Women of Influence luncheon.  She suggested that if you're looking for balance, picture your life in glass balls.  Your family, your health and your life. When you juggle, just be careful which one you drop.  Your career, however, is a rubber ball.  That one will always bounce back.  What I took away from that was, unless you're good at juggling, it's not worth the risk.  (Christina featured in Women of Influence)

I believe the key is to find that place that helps you rejuvenate.  Find that energy that gives you the power to make the right choices.  

Can you have a happy balance of all the things in your life?  I say... sometimes.  But some things are more challenging than others. Your normal for today may not be your normal for tomorrow.  Some days you will have it all, and other days things will overwhelm you.  

Life is 10% of what happens to you.  The other 90% is how you react to it.  (I've heard that one many times from several different speakers.  And they're right!!)

Lost Creek
Castle Mt., AB
So how can one live life on The Brighter Side?  The way I find my energy, and my revitalizing time, is actually in my car. This is why I don't mind a long commute.  When I'm alone in my car, it's my sanctuary.  (Note:  ALONE in my car... no distractions of kids, pets or husbands!)  When I'm feeling overwhelmed with everyday challenges, I turn up my music.  Music allows you to turn off those negative emotions.  The best part is, you are all alone.  And you can listen to whatever you like!  If it's Christmas music that makes your smile or hard core heavy metal.  It doesn't matter.  No one but you is listening! For me, I actually turn on relaxing music.  If I can't be in nature, I'll bring nature to me.  Serenity sounds like water, birds, wind, symphony orchestras, drums.  No words, just relaxation.  I've caught myself catching my breath.  I focus on the road and listen to the calming music.  My phone is buried in my purse and turned off so I don't hear the text or email messages coming in.  I feel as though I'm turning off the problems and just refueling my energy.  

But everyone is different.  And some have a hard time finding The Brighter Side.  What do you do to re energize yourself back to normal?  
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