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Owning a designer handbag is a dream.  But now it’s a reality.  Thanks to the Bling Borrowers!  And now is the time to get something sparkly and shiny for your Christmas parties.

We all fell in love with the fashion in Sex in The City, and now a Canadian company has made THAT fashion easily accessible to you!  How about a gorgeous Coach bag for as little as $16.66 per week on a seasonal rental?  You’ll be the hit of the party.  Everyone will be whispering behind your back saying, “where’d she get that bag?!”  Not only Coach, how about Cole Hahn, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, or Swarovski.  In this picture, I borrowed the Firelight Black Calfskin Clutch from Swarovski.  I needed it for a fancy fundraiser I was going to!

Bling Borrowers was created in Calgary by sisters Jodie and Ginger, who have a weakness for designer goods, but also like saving money!  They were finding that once they invested in a designer item, they would either use the item only a few time, then it would sit in the closet collecting dust.  Or use the item every day to get their money’s worth, until it got old and it was not so chic and fashionable anymore. 

Chanel Calfskin Flag Bag with Mademoiselle Chain
So they figured there had to be a better way!  Why not pay for only what you use?  And so Bling Borrowers was born! 

For the price of one expensive designer handbag, you could rent something different each month for the same price!  That’s like getting 12 handbags (one rental per month) for the price of buying 1!

Kate Spade
New York Champagne Bubbles Spray
You wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day, so why get stuck in the rut of using the same handbag every day.  Change up your look for less and never have buyer’s remorse again!!  Not only handbags, but designer jewelry too! 

It’s an easy online system that anyone can use.  You pick what you want, pay, then it’s shipped to you.  Once your done they send instructions on how to ship it back.  This is the real deal with authentic designer handbags and jewelry!  And I LOVE that it's in Canada!  No more shipping from the US!  

You never looked so good, thanks to Bling Borrowers!  Thanks for the GREAT idea ladies! 

To make your day Brighter too, all you have to do is Like The Brighter Side Facebook page for a chance to win a Bling Borrowers Gift Card value $25 off of a monthly rental or $50 off a Seasonal rental.  A random draw will be made for both cards and a winner will be announced on The Brighter Side Facebook page.  (Winners will be asked to email The Brighter Side.) If you already LIKE The Brighter Side, you're in the draw.  Contest closes at Midnight Tuesday November 15, 2011.

You can follow Bling Borrowers on Twitter and on Facebook and keep up with fashion on their Blog.

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